March 1, 2016
'Dance Moms' Season 6 Spoilers: Maddie Ziegler, Brynn Rumfallo Team Up Against Kalani Hilliker And Kendall Vertes

Dance Moms Season 6, Episode 9 sees Abby Lee Miller pitting Maddie Ziegler against ALDC newcomer Brynn Rumfallo. The duo will perform a routine against Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes.

In a sneak peak clip for the upcoming Dance Moms episode, Abby explained that she wanted Brynn to learn from Maddie. While Ashlee Allen, Brynn's mom, believes that her daughter will be the "next Maddie Ziegler," the ALDC coach and the moms insisted that the young dancer still had a lot to learn.

"I haven't seen you step up to be the leader of this team and that's something that Maddie does and that's what you need to do," Abby told Brynn.

Spoilers for Dance Moms Season 6 revealed that Miller is beyond excited to see her strongest dancers, Kalani and Kendall, compete against Maddie and Brynn. The ALDC coach believes that seeing her "no. 1 girl" in action will inspire the others to do better in their routine.
"Nothing makes a dancer work harder than putting another dancer who's better right in front of her."

Unfortunately, Nia Frazier had to step up after Kalani Hilliker's back injury started to cause her discomfort. With Kira not there to help her, the moms decided that it will be best for Kalani to sit it out and take a much deserved break.

Ashlee took this opportunity to work as Abby's assistant, hoping that her daughter Brynn will be given a solo. The ALDC coach, however, remained non-committal in her response about Rumfallo's future.

When the other moms saw her taking over Kira's job, they pointed out that Ashlee is willing to do pretty much anything to secure a spot for Brynn.

It seems, however, that Brynn Rumfallo may not have to wait that much longer to take Maddie Ziegler's place in Dance Moms Season 6. According to International Business Times, Maddie, along with sister Mackenzie and mother Melissa Gissoni, have filmed their last episode for the Lifetime reality series last Saturday, February 27.

At the New York Dance Experience in Riverside, California, Maddie, Mackenzie and Melissa cannot help but get emotional as they thanked their Dance Moms co-stars for the years they have shared.

"I just want to thank Abby for everything you've done for my kids through the years. And Gia, I adore you like a daughter," Gisoni said in her speech.

In the last episode of Dance Moms Season 6, members of ALDC, along with their moms, were surprised to see the way Abby treated Maddie. She used to be Miller's favorite student, but for some reason, the coach kept on criticizing her every move. The moms claimed that Abby Lee Miller was jealous of Maddie Ziegler.

"She's envious of your kid. I think she's going to hold her back for a little while. It may not be intentional but she would rather break her toys than share them," Jessalyn Siwa told Melissa Gisoni.

All the other moms seem to agree that Abby is not at all comfortable seeing how far Maddie has come. While some coaches will be thrilled to see their student get recognized, the Dance Moms stars believed that Miller wanted all the glory to herself.

"Maddie's career is taking off and Abby's is just going down the drain. Abby doesn't know how to handle Maddie's success. Right now, all she knows how to do is punish Maddie," Jill Vertes said.

It has long been rumored that Maddie Ziegler has outgrown her role in Dance Moms. Insiders claimed that the 13-year-old wanted to focus on her acting career, following her stint on Pretty Little Liars and The Book of Henry.

Dance Moms Season 6 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]