August 23, 2017
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Sees Ratings Hike With Potential Of Klaroline

The potential of Klaroline coming back together helped to give The Vampire Diaries a ratings hike it has desperately needed. It means it could be out of the danger zone for cancellation at the end of Season 7 despite it looking like the storylines are being wrapped up for an end.

Christmas was not a good time for Vampire Diaries and Originals fans. The two shows moved from Thursday night -- a slot that TVD has had since day one -- to Friday nights, which is usually reserved for dying shows. While some have come back from the brink, such as Supernatural and Bones, others have failed and seen their shows go off the air.

There have been many reasons for declining viewership. While some fans turned away after Nina Dobrev left as Elena Gilbert at the end of Season 6, others turned away when the chance of the ship Klaroline dwindled to nothing. Now, The Vampire Diaries has seen a spike in viewers, because the chance of the ship was brought back over the last two weeks.

The Inquisitr reported two weeks ago that the flash forward at the end of "This Woman's Work" suggested that Klaus was making a return. Caroline was heading to New Orleans to get help from an old friend. While there are possibilities that Klaus is no longer there -- the next week showed that nobody had heard from Klaus in the last three years -- it does not mean all hope is gone. Klaus may have compelled the whole city to have forgotten him, only remembering when he sees them. It would not be the first time for him to do something similar -- he compelled Cami to forget all about who he really was unless she saw him -- and would not be the first time a town has been compelled to forget someone, as Katherine Pierce had previously compelled a whole town to forget her until they saw her.

Design & Trend gives Klaroline fans more hope. At the end of this week's episode, "Moonlight on the Bayou," Klaus told Stefan that if he really loved Caroline he would have to do right by her. That meant letting her go, because it would mean she would always come second to his brother Damon Salvatore. Klaus knows best, as women have always come second to Elijah because of Klaus. By the end of The Originals, Stefan had agreed that he would do right by Caroline, but fans were left guessing at what that really means. There was just renewed hope that Klaus could come in and sweep her off her feet.

Of course, the three-year time jump in The Vampire Diaries currently shows that Caroline is with Alaric. It is a complicated situation for the blonde-haired vampire, considering she carried Alaric and Jo's siphoning twins after Jo's death at the end of Season 6. Considering the men Caroline has been with over the seven season run -- Matt, Tyler, and Stefan, to name three -- there is the suggestion that she could jump back to Klaus if she can find him.

Yibaba says that The Vampire Diaries is not safe from cancellation yet. While the ratings have gone up, they are not as high as the CW network would want them to be. At 1.17 million, this is still the lowest for the 8 p.m. timeslot throughout the week. Of course, Fridays traditionally have the lowest ratings for the weekdays, which is why it is considered the worst night for TV shows.

The Vampire Diaries continues on Friday night, and Stefan may call an end to his relationship with Caroline, something fans have been expecting from the start of the season.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]