Jennifer Lopez Blasts Ex-Fiancé Ben Affleck, Talks Mariah Carey Feud [Video]

Jennifer Lopez is blasting her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck as “awful” — a part of him, anyway.

Lopez made the surprising Ben Affleck admission during a recent appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, where she slammed Affleck’s latest tattoo as “awful.”

Jennifer admitted that she’s not the biggest fan of her former flame’s ink on the talk show’s “Plead The Fifth” segment when host Andy Cohen quizzed Lopez on her opinion of Affleck’s huge phoenix tattoo that takes over his whole back.

“It’s awful!” Jennifer exclaimed of Ben’s huge back tattoo, admitting that she would even tell Affleck that she hates his creative inking.

“I mean, I would tell him that,” Lopez told Cohen on the Bravo show, “I would tell him, ‘What are you doing?'”

“It has too many colors. His tattoos always have too many colors,” Jennifer continued on Ben’s phoenix, “They shouldn’t be so colorful… they should be, like, cooler… You know what I mean?”

Jennifer and Ben famously dated for two years, even becoming engaged in November 2002. However, Lopez and Affleck’s high-profile relationship fizzled in January 2004, and the couple called off their engagement.

However, Jennifer’s most recent claims about her former fiancé aren’t actually the first time Lopez has spoken about Ben during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, as she even spoke out about his style choices in 2014.

According to E! Online, Lopez also spoke about Affleck on the Bravo show in June 2014, where she noted that it was actually her who gave the handsome actor his movie star image.

“I did kind of like, say, ‘You’re a movie star! You should wear a suit! You should do this with your hair!’ For sure. I mean, I do that,” Jennifer told host Andy Cohen two years ago, noting that men often do the same for women when they begin a relationship. “By the way, guys do that to girls, too: ‘I like that dress better than the other dress.'”

Lopez also noted in 2014 that Ben “was into” her mini-makeover.

“He didn’t do anything he didn’t want to do… He had some good fashion moments when he was with me!” Lopez joked.


But her Ben Affleck confession wasn’t the only bombshell Jennifer Lopez dropped during her most recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, as Cohen also quizzed Jennifer on her alleged feud with fellow pop diva Mariah Carey.

Noting that Lopez did not see Carey’s Las Vegas show before beginning her own Sin City residency and adding that Jennifer was spotted texting while in the audience for Mariah’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards last year, Jennifer vehemently denied that there was any bad blood between the two.

“Okay, first of all that was not fair – them with the texting thing,” Jennifer told host Andy Cohen on the late night series, confirming that she watched “a lot” of Mariah’s “long” awards show performance.

Lopez then clarified why she skipped out on Mariah’s Las Vegas concert series despite seeing Britney Spears, Shania Twain, and Celine Dion.

“I think last year when that started I was already here in New York filming Shades of Blue,” Jennifer said, “and doing [American Idol] on the weekends… didn’t have a lot of free time!”

But despite not getting the chance to catch the “We Belong Together” singer’s Las Vegas show, Lopez did admit on the show that she would definitely like to head to the Nevada city to catch Carey’s show.

Watch Jennifer Lopez’s “Plead The Fifth” segment on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live below.

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