‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Tracy’s Health Deteriorates, Ava Faces Tough Moments, And Liz Questions Jason

There is a dramatic episode on the way with Tuesday’s General Hospital. Spoilers share that there will be some emotional moments between Jason and Elizabeth while Tracy’s health issue draws attention. Kiki’s condition remains quite serious, and Ava is facing some intense questions. Where are things headed in the March 1 episode?

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Tracy had another episode that led to her shaking with convulsions. General Hospital spoilers detail that Hayden will stay with her, holding her on the floor, yelling for someone to call 911. As We Love Soaps share, Tracy’s condition will be quite serious, and she surely will not be able to brush off escalating concerns after this incident.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Dr. Munro may be the one to save the day here. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will be nearby as Hayden screams for help, and he will step in to handle Tracy’s seizure. Tracy may try to deny that anything significant is wrong, but Dillon is not going to be dismissed easily at this point, and as the week continues, he will insist that she get this figured out.

Kiki seemingly remains unconscious at the hospital, and Franco will be right by her bedside. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will be talking to her, asking what he can do to have her come back to him. While Franco has a tendency to try to stuff away his emotions, he is clearly quite worried about Kiki and desperate to have her recover.

Ava has been desperately worried about Kiki as well, but General Hospital spoilers tease that during Tuesday’s show, she faces a challenge from a new direction. Jordan has some questions for her, and this conversation could put Ava in a tight spot. She knows a lot about all that has transpired in Port Charles in recent months, but she has plenty of secrets to hide as well.


Will Ava tell Jordan everything she knows about Paul? Although he was blackmailing her for months, he also did a bit of scrambling to cover for her after the disaster at the pier. Soap Central teases General Hospital spoilers that Ava will be tempted to fill Jordan in on what she knows, but it sounds as if she may stay quiet for now.

Jason and Elizabeth have been thrilled to hear that Jake made it through his surgery in good shape, and they are starting to reconnect with life back in Port Charles. Jason was stunned to hear about everything that happened at the wedding, and he rushed to check in with Sam.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that this will prompt Liz to make a comment to Jason about how serious things have gotten for him and Sam again already. Elizabeth, of course, is still wistful for what she almost had with Jason, but she does seem to realize that he is with Sam now. Could there be a new romance on the horizon for her soon as Jason and Sam solidify their renewed romance?


As Jason and Liz share a tender moment, Nikolas is anxious for the truth about Hayden. General Hospital spoilers share that he will be tracking down Sam during Tuesday’s show, anxious for updates on her investigation into his new bride. Sam has not uncovered anything significant yet, but fans have a hunch a bombshell is on the way.

Ava is said to have a major breakdown in front of Paul during this next episode, and General Hospital spoilers share that as the week continues, she will have some positive interactions with Sonny. While she is furious with Morgan for what happened to Kiki, and she is typically quite adversarial with Sonny, it seems that the two may come together as they both worry about their kids during this medical crisis.

What is the truth about Hayden? What’s going on with Tracy’s health? Viewers cannot wait to see how this all comes together as the drama plays out on General Hospital.

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