Moscow Nanny Reveals Even More Terrible Nature Of Terrorism

The world reeled yesterday at the news that a Moscow nanny was walking through the streets with the severed head of a child, yelling that she was a terrorist, but her alleged act of terrorism reveals something that many often forget. While terrorism is an awful thing for anyone to endure, terrorism against a child is terrorism against society's most defenseless.

Ukraine Today reported that while the Moscow woman paraded through the streets of Moscow, she is heard screaming, "I am a terrorist," "Allahu Akbar," and "I am your death." It is believed that the woman was the dead child's nanny and that she killed the girl before setting fire to the apartment the girl lived in.

Terrorism is defined as "the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims," according to Google, and certainly, there is nothing more terrifying than an adult deliberately killing the child they are supposed to look after. As a general rule, children do not understand violence or hatred, and so, when they are made the victims of an apparent act of terrorism, the world understandably recoils.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova is the 38-year-old nanny allegedly responsible for this horrific act of terrorism, and the victim was a 4-year-old girl. What wrongs could a 4-year-old possibly have committed against this woman for her to instigate this terrible act? The bottom line is, while this story is "beyond heartbreaking," as Hollywood Life says, terrorism becomes even more powerful when committed against society's youngest members.

In a statement to BBC News, investigators said, "According to preliminary information, the child's nanny, a citizen of one of the Central Asian states born in 1977, waited for the parents and elder child to leave the flat and then, for reasons not established, murdered the infant, set fire to the flat and left the scene."

While the senseless murder of this innocent child has not officially been deemed an act of terrorism, her statements in the video have led many to believe that it was. The woman apparently told police that she was upset over a conflict of sorts with her husband, but a true motive for the brutality is still unknown as she undergoes psychiatric testing for what has been termed "clearly deranged behavior."

In addition to stating that she was a terrorist, the woman also apparently said in the video that her own child had been killed and said that she "hated democracy," according to Western Journalism.

According to RT, the murdered child was suffering from an unspecified nervous system disability, and Bobokulova had been acting as the girl's nanny for the last two years. While she had initially threatened that she was going to blow herself up, she was later found by police to not have explosives on her.

Regardless of whether or not the woman intended to commit an act of terrorism, one has been committed, and like all terrorism, it is inexcusable. No child can realistically defend themselves against an adult due to their own small stature, but a child who was apparently suffering from a nervous system ailment would be even less likely to do so.

Society is heartsick at this current attack, and rightfully so. Children are the foundation upon which the coming generations are built, so how can we allow terrorism, whether intentional or not, to continue, especially against our youngest? While it is likely that this nanny was struggling with some sort of mental illness that pushed her to commit this terrible act against a child, the act itself is a horrifying reminder that even those people we may trust the most with our children could do something unspeakable.

[Photo by Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP]