Hugo Medley Birth: Colorado Shooting Victim In Critical Condition As Wife Gives Birth

Caleb Medley and his wife, Katie, planned on being in the hospital this week for the birth of their son, Hugo Medley. But due to the tragic events last week in Aurora, Colorado, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Caleb was one of the 58 people wounded during the shooting at The Dark Knight Rises premiere last Friday and is currently in critical condition at Colorado University Hospital. His wife Katie, who was also at the theater on Friday night but managed to escape uninjured, gave birth to Hugo Medley at the same hospital this morning.

According to a friend, Michael West, Katie and her new son are both healthy.

West told Yahoo! News:

“He is loud and full of life! Just like his daddy!”

Unfortunately, Caleb was not able to witness the birth. On the bright side, friends and family say that the 23-year-old man is showing small signs of improvement.

His brother Seth said:

“There are indications that he understands us and can tell who we are… His wife talks to him and he shutters. There are obvious signs he understands.”

The family is hopeful that Caleb will improve and will be able to enjoy a long-life with his new son Hugo. But as Caleb struggles to survive, the hospital bills are starting to build.

According to the Lookout, Caleb, an aspiring comedian who does not have health insurance, could incur nearly $2 million in bills by the time he leaves the hospital.

West has started a website asking for donations to help cover Caleb’s bills.


West writes:

“Caleb was a victim of the movie theater massacre; he is in the ICU and will remain there for at least 1-2 weeks. Him and his wife, who is 40 weeks pregnant, have no insurance and need help covering their medical bills that will no doubt be up into the hundreds of thousands if not millions. They need your help!”

So far, West has raised more than $100,000.

You can donate to Caleb, Katie, and Hugo Medley here. Or, if you want to help all of the victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado, you can donate to several charities So far, the charitable network at Giving First has collected more than $2 million for the victims in Colorado.

Here’s a video of Caleb Medly.