Denver Broncos: 5 Bold Predictions For The 2016 NFL Offseason

The Denver Broncos are fresh off of their shocking Super Bowl 50 win over the Carolina Panthers. Looking ahead to the upcoming 2016 NFL offseason, there are a lot of decisions for the Broncos to make.

Peyton Manning appears likely to retire at this point in time. Woody Paige of the Denver Post reported that Manning will retire and ride off into the sunset. That report has not been confirmed by Manning, but it certainly seems likely. Manning is aging quickly, and going out with a Super Bowl win would be the perfect way for any star to end their career.

John Elway and the Broncos will have a few decisions to make assuming Manning does end up retiring. First up will be the pursuit of re-signing quarterback Brock Osweiler, who could end up testing free agency if the Broncos use their franchise tag on Von Miller.

Denver has a lot of things to do this offseason, and everything is about to heat up for the Broncos in a big way.

All of that being said, there are five bold predictions that can be made for the Broncos’ offseason. They have some money to work with, which will make them a very entertaining team to watch. Which five bold predictions should Denver fans be on the lookout for heading into the NFL offseason?

What five bold predictions should Broncos' fans be on the lookout for?
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Peyton Manning Calls It Quits

It will be a sad day when Manning decides to walk away from the NFL. He has been one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, and has led the Broncos to three straight competitive seasons. After struggling through the 2015 season even when he was healthy, Manning is going to walk away and call it quits.

Denver Re-Signs Brock Osweiler To A Long-Term Contract

Assuming Manning does end up retiring and walking away from the Broncos, Denver will need to aggressively pursue re-signing Brock Osweiler. Denver will find a way to get a new, long-term deal done with Osweiler early on in the offseason. They have the money to get a deal done, but figuring out what to do with Miller is their first priority.

Von Miller Gets A Massive Contract Extension

Denver decided to go ahead and put the franchise tag on Miller, but they will still continue trying to get a long-term deal done. That is exactly what the Broncos will be able to do. Miller will receive a massive contract extension from the Broncos, and will be a cornerstone to their defense for a long time to come.

Malik Jackson Ends Up Leaving In Free Agency

Denver has been trying to figure out a way to bring defensive lineman Malik Jackson back in free agency. He is asking for a lot of money, and the Broncos simply won’t be able to afford him. Jackson will leave the Broncos in free agency and will end up getting a big deal elsewhere.

Denver Lets Ronnie Hillman Walk And Signs a New Backup RB

Yet another free agent that the Broncos have to make a decision on is backup running back Ronnie Hillman. C.J. Anderson finally picked things up late in the season for Denver and that will allow the Broncos to move on from Hillman. Denver will sign another backup running back to replace Hillman.

What five bold predictions can be made for the Denver Broncos? [Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images]Those bold predictions may not end up coming to pass, but they are certainly going to be intriguing to keep an eye on. Denver has so many different things going on heading into the offseason.

It will be entertaining to keep an eye on the Broncos when free agency gets underway. They are hoping that Manning will have made a decision on his future by then. If he hasn’t made up his mind, Denver will have to go ahead and bring Osweiler back and make it clear that they are moving forward with the future under center.

Expect to see the Broncos looking to make a few big moves with their own free agents, but Elway has his hands tied for the most part with Osweiler and Miller needing new deals. Jackson won’t be back unless he takes a big hometown discount and Hillman is a pretty obvious loss.

What do you think the Denver Broncos should do this offseason? Will the Broncos get long-term deals done with Osweiler and Miller?

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