‘American Horror Story’ Star Angela Bassett Stuns Husband With Lady Gaga Tryst

Angela Bassett has made a memorable mark on the minds of American Horror Story fans, since she joined the series in its third season. Through those years, the actress has been involved in some pretty unforgettable scenes, both bloody and erotic, but, for Bassett’s husband, few moments could be as surprising as seeing the American Horror Story actress seduced by Lady Gaga in her first lesbian sex scene.

Angela Bassett Shocks Husband With Her American Horror Story Sex Scene

Prior to this season of American Horror Story, Ms. Bassett had never before kissed another woman, so that scene with Lady Gaga wasn’t what one would call run of the mill and, in addition to it being a first for her, Ms. Bassett remarked that Lady Gaga proved to be a good kisser.

“I’m an actress and professional; you have to dive into in the moment. But before, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve just met her, she’s a superstar,’ ” Angela said, describing the butterflies she experienced, before the scene was shot.

As nervous as she was, the AHS: Hotel actress says Lady Gaga set her mind at ease from the very beginning.

“But she’s the nicest person, she is warm, she is gracious, she’s funny. She makes everybody feel comfortable, she’s comfortable with herself, so no one’s tripping — except for me.”

That was an eventful day, yet Ms. Bassett reveals that she never told her husband about the scene. Angela wanted it to be a surprise and, sure enough, as the couple sat down to watch that episode of American Horror Story: Hotel together, her husband, Courtney B. Vance (American Crime Story, Law & Order: Criminal Intent), was stunned by the scene.

Bassett could see by Vance’s reaction that he was having trouble processing the scene, so she says she paused the episode and eased him into it more gently.

American Horror Story Will Give Angela Bassett Another First

Ms. Bassett has signed on to return to the Ryan Murphy run series for yet another season and why not? AHS has been good to Bassett, as it has to all of its actors. Now, things are going to get even better, as the American Horror Story producers give Angela a new reason to love her job.

“[I’ll direct] at least one [episode],” says Ms. Bassett. “We usually have male directors but [I’ll] be the first female director.”

While she would indeed be a first time female director for American Horror Story, Ms. Bassett does have past experiences in working behind the camera. Angela directed Whitney, a Whitney Houston biopic for Lifetime, which aired in January, 2015. Although Ms. Bassett took great care in telling an honest and non-inflammatory story, the family of Whitney Houston still took offense to the film.

Ms. Bassett also directed an episode of Breakthrough.

The American Horror Story actress says anything can happen, and at a moment’s notice, on the Ryan Murphy series. She says getting the scripts just three weeks in advance can lead to some crazy situations, including surprise nude scenes.

“You read it about three weeks before you go into production,” she said, “And then you get a call like, ‘oh, we need you to sign a nudity waiver.’ “

At this time, Angela Bassett has been the only returning star to officially confirm her participation in American Horror Story‘s sixth season, but more confirmations should be forthcoming soon. In the past, Ms. Bassett’s roles on American Horror Story have been limited supporting character roles and, after two Emmy nominations, fans are hoping to see the actress in a larger role. That may be the case. If American Horror Story producers think highly enough of Ms. Bassett to set her up in the director’s chair, there may also be a larger role awaiting her in front of the camera.

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