Caila Quinn Tweets ‘No Regrets’ After Ben Higgins Rejection, Chris Soules Predicts She’ll Be Next Bachelorette

Caila Quinn has tweeted that she has no regrets about going on The Bachelor in pursuit of Ben Higgins despite getting her heart getting broken. On Monday night, after the latest episode showed Ben sending her home after their overnight fantasy suite date, opting to give his final two roses to Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher, Caila posted a message that made clear that she was in love with Ben.

Love with no regrets,” Caila tweeted, followed by a heart emoji. Caila also thanked her fans for all of their kind words.


One person who thinks that the franchise’s viewers will see more of Caila even after The Bachelor ends is Chris Soules. The show’s Season 19 star tweeted that Caila can dry her tears because he has feeling that she’ll soon have her pick from 25 men, as the next star of The Bachelorette.


On the previous episode, Ben Higgins sent Amanda Stanton home after going on all the hometown dates. As the Inquisitr reported, Amanda also posted a message thanking her supporters after her elimination was aired.

On the latest episode, Ben and the three remaining women went to Jamaica. Ben had his first date on the island with Caila Quinn. While going down a river, Caila was so nervous that she didn’t seem to speak much. Ben confessed to the camera that he was beginning to worry about his future with Caila.

“She’s beautiful, but Caila sometimes has a tendency to withdraw, and it makes me nervous that maybe we’re more distant than I really expected or thought we were.”

When they stopped for some food, Caila admitted that she was not herself because of the knowledge that there was also JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

“I was off today because it’s hard knowing that there are two other people in this.”

Later, Caila told Ben that she loves him. He responded with a kiss. Caila expressed confidence that Ben loves her as well.

“Ben doesn’t have to say anything. I tell him I love him, and I can see in his eyes. And I can feel in his breath that he feels the same.”

The two then spent the night together in a fantasy suite.

Ben then went on his date with Lauren, during which she told him that she’s in love with him. Shockingly, Ben actually told her that he loves her as well.

“For me, I’ve known that I’m in love with you for a while as well.”

Ben explained to the camera why he told Lauren that he loves her, which is typically a no-no for the Bachelor until the finale.

“I love Lauren, and I have for a while. Knowing that she loves me, it just feels good. It feels right — it feels comfortable.”

Ben then went on his date with JoJo. She also told Ben that she loves him. In another shocking moment, Ben told JoJo that he loves her as well.

“JoJo, I love you too.”

Ben maintained that he was in love with two women. He also made it clear that he wasn’t in love with Caila.

“I never thought in my life I could be in love with two people at one time. But I am…. After telling two women I’m in love with them, I’m in a state of shock… With Caila, I just couldn’t say it,” he said. “There’s just something missing.”


After all of the dates were done, Caila made an unannounced visit to Ben. He broke the news that he wasn’t in love with her.

“I am in love with two women here, and I just couldn’t say it back to you. And I don’t know why, and I don’t know how.”


Caila cried, accused Ben of reciting lines but then stopped herself from saying more angry things. Ben walked her out to the waiting car. She got in and then jumped out to ask him when he knew that she wasn’t for him. “Did you know this week?” she asked. Ben assured her that he didn’t know prior to their overnight date that he wasn’t going to give her a rose and that he wouldn’t have gone through with their overnight date if he knew then what he knows now. Caila calmed down and seemed to accept Ben’s explanation. During the car ride away from the resort, Caila sobbed as she confessed that she was ready to marry Ben.

“I was ready. I was ready to get married. I was ready to be his wife.

Will Caila be the next The Bachelorette star as Chris Soules predicts? Precedence certainly seems to suggest so. Both Ben and Chris were the third runner-ups on their respective seasons. The two previous Bachelorettes were also the third runner-ups on their seasons.

Who is Caila Quinn, if she doesn’t know already, hoping to see Ben Higgins end up with? Lauren Bushnell or JoJo Fletcher? It may be Lauren. Three weeks ago, Caila posted a photo of herself with Lauren and Emily Ferguson that was taken during their vacation in Mexico while filming The Bachelor. Caila expressed her gratitude for Emily and Lauren, revealing that they had a lot of deep conversations with one another.

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