Katie Maloney Thanks Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, And Scheana Marie For Their Support

Is Katie Maloney a fool? On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie voiced her opinion that she would be a fool to let Stassi Schroeder back in her life and be friends with her again. Yet, it seems that is what has happened. Judging from the two women’s social media posts, the two are good friends again.

As the episode aired, Katie posted a photo of herself goofing off with Stassi during a previous season. Katie left a heart emoji as the photo’s caption, making it clear that she once again holds Stassi dear to her heart.


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Earlier, Katie thanked those who attended her Pucker & Pout 2nd anniversary blog event at Bloomingdale’s at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Saturday. Attached to Katie’s message is a photo showing her posing with Scheana Marie, Stassi and another friend at the event.

On Monday morning, Scheana posted a photo of herself at Kristen’s event with Stassi, Katie and Kristen. Scheana declared that “the girls are back in town.” Everyone looks happy to be hanging out with one another.


Stassi also posted a photo of herself with just Katie. Stassi made it seem as if she was not formally invited to the event by writing that Kristen taught her how to crash a party. “Kristen taught me how to party crash. @pucker_and_pout… Watch out for the b**** ghost,” she wrote.

Later, Stassi posted a throwback photo of herself and Katie. Stassi wrote that the photo was taken from when she and Katie “used to be on the same shade-throwing team.” With her photo captions, Stassi seems to be poking fun at the friendship drama with Katie.


On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder had a tearful conversation with Katie Maloney. Stassi, with tears streaming down her face, apologized to Katie for how she treated her, basically discarding her and their friendship during the filming of the third season. At first, it seemed that Katie was intent on not forgiving Stassi, with Katie even telling Stassi that her apology was a little too late. Yet, Stassi continued to make her case, acknowledging that Katie was a very good friend to her and expressing regret over missing her engagement to Tom Schwartz.

“I’ve missed out on so much…I know you were one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Cause I’ve missed out on a lot and I’m sorry about a lot.”

Katie admitted that when she got engaged to Tom, Stassi’s face flashed across her eyes and she was sad for a moment that she wasn’t there. Then, Katie reminded herself that Stassi wasn’t there because she didn’t want to be there and that, according to Stassi, she’s just “a big fat loser.”

Breaking down even more, Stassi apologized again.

“I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Katie then had a change of heart. She thanked Stassi for apologizing. Katie then told Stassi that she’s welcome to come to her and Tom’s engagement party, which Tom had already invited Stassi to in a previous episode.

Stassi smiled and said that she wanted to hug Katie. Katie exclaimed that Stassi can give her a hug and they embraced. “It’s going to be okay,” Katie said as they held one another. In her interview, Katie said that Stassi acknowledging her mistakes and that she was wrong meant a lot to her.

In the previous Vanderpump Rules season, Stassi felt betrayed by Katie after Katie became friends with Scheana. Stassi felt as if Scheana helped spread her sex tape, which was made for an ex-boyfriend. When Katie refused to break off her friendship with Scheana, Stassi decided that she could no longer be friends with Katie.

In the current season, Stassi has been busy apologizing to everyone that she insulted last season and repairing broken friendships. She is now back to being friends with both Kristen Doute and Scheana Marie. As evidenced by the latest episode, Stassi’s also now friends with Katie again.

Yet, it doesn’t seem as if everyone thinks it’s a good idea for Katie Maloney to completely trust Stassi Schroeder again. In her blog post, SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump voiced her opinion that Katie should have withheld the hug.

“I’m proud of the way Katie stood up to Stassi. She held her ground, but she kept her heart opened. I think she forgave her, that’s good. The hug, uhhh, I don’t know. I would’ve held out a little longer for that one.”

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