Amber Portwood In Too Deep With Matt Baier, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Faced With Another Scandal

Amber Portwood has been the topic of plenty of headlines this season of Teen Mom OG because of her soon-to-be husband, Matt Baier. From hidden children and child support cases to an eviction just days before he moved to Indiana, Portwood has been accused of turning a blind eye to Baier’s issues. When fans were first introduced to Baier last season, there wasn’t an overwhelming positive response. He immediately proposed to Portwood, who accepted. Even after she watched him have a violent outburst while they were in Las Vegas, Portwood still wanted to be with him. While all of the previous reports of Matt Baier’s issues have shocked viewers, the latest discovery should be enough to rock Amber Portwood to her core.

Teen Mom OG caught a dramatic moment between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. Last season, the two were on vacation in Las Vegas, and things went downhill quickly. Baier was upset and punched a wall. While it wasn’t serious, it was enough to be worried for Portwood. According to Radar Online, Amber Portwood is with someone who has violent tendencies. Apparently, Matt Baier had a restraining order filed on him in 2014 after an alleged sexual assault. While that is horrifying enough, the victim tragically took her life just months after the restraining order was filed. Portwood has not responded to the latest reports, but it is expected that she would stand behind Baier as she has done in the past.


The wedding for Amber Portwood and Matt Baier will be happening in October. While now there are more skeptics than before, the couple is still planning to tie the knot. Teen Mom OG fans have been voicing their concerns on social media for Portwood, but she doesn’t respond with gratitude. There have been plenty of bombshells about Baier dropped in the last two months, and it looks like there may be more to come in the future.

Rumors have indicated that Amber Portwood may not have been Matt Baier’s first choice of Teen Mom stars. In fact, he allegedly tweeted both Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans. While Baier wasn’t nice with everything he said, Portwood has stood by him even when faced with with the actual tweets. According to In Touch Weekly, Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans exchanged words on Twitter over Matt Baier. After Evans said something about Baier being “ew,” Portwood snapped back at Evans. When there was a bit of backtracking done, things seems to die down. Despite all of the red flags Baier has thrown for Portwood to see, she is turning a blind eye. Fans are concerned for the Teen Mom OG star, but there is nothing they can do for her.


With all of the secrets, Amber Portwood is going to be faced with a huge reality check. It is clear to viewers she does love Matt Baier, but is love enough to survive scandal after scandal? Portwood has made excuse after excuse for her soon-to-be husband, and things still keep coming out. While the latest scandal is one he denies being a part of, there is no running from the red flags he has thrown. Portwood has made incredible progress in her life. From being an addict to serving prison time, she is a completely different person. Baier has brought her out of her shell, but Portwood still needs to remain focused on sobriety and moving forward.

The season of Teen Mom OG has ended, and only the reunion show is left. Fans are disappointed that Baier won’t be discussing some of these scandals in front of Dr. Drew, especially because he would grill him. Amber Portwood will need to make some hard decisions, but she will likely end up marrying Matt Baier despite all of the bad news thrown her way.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]