Mysterious Ghost Ship Found In Philippines With Mummified Body Of German Explorer

It’s never really known what can be found while at sea or out traversing the oceans of the world, but two fisherman came across a rather interesting find off the coast of the southern Philippines, a ghost ship. They located an abandoned yacht floating in the waters and on board was the mummified body of a German explorer by the name of Manfred Fritz Bajorat.

According to the Toronto Sun, Bajorat was found inside his ghost ship of a yacht and in a rather interesting position. He was found at a table inside the boat and perched as if he was attempting to make a distress call on the radio.

Some actually believe that he may have been dead for as many as seven years.

mysterious ghost ship philippines german explorer manfred fritz bajorat 2 [Image via Barobo Police]Manfred Fritz Bajorat was just 59-years-old.

It’s believed that the salty air was able to preserve the body and keep it as intact as it was when found. He had been cruising around the world in the 40-foot sailboat named SAYO. It was something he had actually been doing for two decades.

Inspector Mark Navales has said that an investigation is ongoing, but there is not an exact cause of death for the explorer on the ghost ship. No signs of foul play have been found, but a lot still remains unanswered.

“It’s still a mystery to us. [It looked like Bajorat] was sleeping.”

The yacht was found in the Philippine Sea about 100 kilometers from Barobo and the fisherman said items in the yacht were scattered and tossed around. It’s not yet known if there was ever a robbery on board as Bajorat’s wallet was not found, but other valuables such as the radio and GPS were still there.

Navigation papers found on the boat were used to identify him.

Regarding the finding of the ghost ship and mummified body of Manfred Fritz Bajorat, it’s not even known how long he had been missing. No one has reported a sighting of him since back in 2009.

The Express is reporting that Bajorat did split with his wife in 2008, and it’s known that she used to travel the world with him on the yacht. She is not able to give any sort of information about her ex-husband since she has passed away years ago from cancer.

Theories are being thrown about as to how Bajorat died aboard the ghost ship. Some believe he may have had a heart attack while others think someone may have tried to kill him. The police just don’t think anyone attempted to hurt him or he wouldn’t be sitting in the position he is in.

Goldie Lou Siega is the local police spokeswoman in the Philippines and confirmed those suspicions with a statement.

“We have no evidence of a second person aboard and no weapon was found on the yacht.”

Most of the outside of the boat is still in good shape, as well, with the exception of a broken mast. It’s not clear if the damage happened before or after his death.

mysterious ghost ship philippines german explorer manfred fritz bajorat [Image via Barobo Police]With the position of the mummified body, Dr. Mark Benecka, a forensic criminologist in Germany, thinks a natural death is confirmed.

“The way he is sitting seems to indicate death was unexpected, perhaps from a heart attack.”

Police are working with the local coroner to determine the exact cause of death. No-one seems to know how long Manfred Fritz Bajorat has been dead or alone on his own. His ghost ship may have been floating for almost a decade and could have been out at sea a lot longer if the fishermen from the Philippines hadn’t located it.

[Image by Anadolu Agency/Getty Images]