The KKK Members Who Stabbed Protesters Are Innocent? Anaheim Police Release Klansmen As Stab-Victims Remain In Custody

Five KKK members involved in the rally turned violent have been released from jail in Anaheim on Sunday. Meanwhile, some of the counter protesters, including those who were stabbed, could be facing charges for taking action against KKK members and were not released from custody.

CNN reports that among those protesters who have not been released includes a juvenile male arrested on Sunday for assaulting KKK members with a deadly weapon.

Anaheim Police were able to identify the young male based on video evidence.

In addition, the APD are also tracking down an additional counter protester, whom they didn’t name, as Klansmen are being released.

Given the nature of the KKK and its members — you would think that a group infamous throughout history for promoting white pride, terrorizing minorities, and other marginalized groups would undoubtedly be the ignition for the fight.

KKK members marching in Tennessee [Getty Images/Spencer Platt] KKK members marching in Tennessee [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]So its hard to believe that they could actually be the victims in this situation. Currently, they are being released before their counter protesers.

Releasing a group of hate mongers and domestic terrorist over counter-protesters seems like a blatant mistake, however, according to Anaheim police spokesman, Daron Wyatt, the APD made the right call.

“It was pretty convincing that the KKK members were attacked violently, we had to do the right thing.”

Wyatt’s statement is the basis on which the KKK members were released.

Wyatt released another statement to reporters claiming that the KKK members planned a simple “walking protest” at Pearson Park on Saturday, in Anaheim.

Counter protesters arrived and reportedly attacked the KKK members before they got out of their vehicles.

After the counter protesters attack, the Anaheim Police decided that KKK members were acting in self-defense thereafter as they conducted their investigation and spoke with witnesses.

Anaheim Officers working the case released a statement themselves describing the incident and why the KKK members were ultimately released.

“This regrettable incident was the result of approximately 10-20 individuals who came to the park with the intent of perpetrating violence. Of those arrested, only one is a resident of Anaheim. The remainder came from other cities and counties to insert themselves into the situation.”

The officers appear to have framed the counter protesters as the true aggressors, implying that many of them went far out of their way just to confront the KKK members in Anaheim.

The entire incident was also caught via released photography and video by the public.