[Rumor] Jason Segel and Michelle Williams Engaged

As of late Jason Segel and Michelle Williams have been seen out and about all over Williams’ Brooklyn neighborhood, and New York City. As the weeks passed we’ve seen Segel, Williams’ boyfriend spend quality time with her daughter Matilda Ledger, and it has been said by multiple sources that the three have become a tight family unit.

Well, it seems as though Jason Segel and Michelle Williams decided to take it to the next level, as it’s reported that The Muppets actor proposed to the My Week With Marilyn actress following her appearance at Comic Con to promote Oz: The Great and Powerful. Segel, who was on Matilda duty during the weekend was said to have flown out of New Jersey to San Diego to surprise Michelle at her hotel, which is where the proposal allegedly took place.

According to a source close to the couple, Jason and Matilda were waiting in the room, which was scattered with Williams’ favorite purple flowers. “Matilda was sitting on the bed, clutching a lavender bouquet,” the source continues, “It wasn’t until Michelle picked her up to give her a kiss that she saw a little note tucked among the blooms that read, ‘Will you marry me?’” The close friend went on to say, “It was tough making it a surprise because he’s been telling her from day one that he was going to marry her.”

The pair have been taking baby steps in making their romance public by supporting each other at their respective film premieres at the TriBeca Film Festival. Since Jason and Michelle began seeing each other in February, sources close to the couple have said that this is the real deal, with Segel’s friends saying, “He hasn’t felt this way about another woman.” In addition while promoting The Five Year Engagement, Segel seemed smitten yet selective of what he would say about his romance with Michelle Williams, telling a Dublin reporter, “no comment” when asked about whether or not he would propose to Michelle Williams.

It looks like Segel has also worked his way into the heart of Kim Ledger, father of late actor Heath Ledger and father of 6-year-old Matilda. The father of the late actor has said about Segel, “It is lovely to have such a nice guy in Michelle’s life. Matilda needs a male figure in her life and she has a great connection with Jason, who’s a really funny guy. I know a lot of people who know Jason and they say he’s not only humorous but a genuinely nice bloke. We couldn’t be happier for her. We trust Michelle’s decision about who she lets into their lives and it’s obvious she’s chosen well with Jason. “

Looks like Michelle Williams finally got her happy ending.