‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Maggie And DeLuca Start To Heat Things Up

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers are coming out about an amazing couple. Now that Jackson and April are saying they are over, it is time for a new couple to emerge and take over center stage. Some of the main couples on the show are done like Meredith and Derick, and they need a couple to take over. Love stories have always been a very important part of Grey’s Anatomy. IB Times is sharing spoilers that on Grey’s Anatomy, Maggie and DeLuca are about to start heating things up. This couple is not going anywhere and this is one couple that fans can’t wait to see more about. There is a very small Grey’s Anatomy clip out that shows just 17 seconds of this amazing couple together.


In this Grey’s Anatomy clip, you will see that sometimes the most important thing is not eating lunch. Instead Maggie and DeLuca will rush off to enjoy some alone time, leaving both of their lunches behind. They want to be together so bad that they just toss the trays down to the side. Right now, this Grey’s Anatomy couple hasn’t told everyone that they are more than just friends. It has been a lot of hiding out where nobody can see them.


Access Hollywood was able to get an interview with these two Grey’s Anatomy stars and find out some of the details of what is going to be going on with their relationship. McCreary, who plays Maggie, shared the details of it all.

“I think that for Maggie it was the unexpected nature [of their relationship]. [Maggie’s] kind of buttoned up and very super, duper professional and she’s going way out of bounds here by dating someone younger — someone she works with. I think that the audience dug her wild out of control nature.”

Honestly, the Grey’s Anatomy relationship between Maggie and DeLuca started out as nothing. It was just a fling between two people, but ended up being so much more for them. Now they are really enjoying spending time together, even out of the hospital. It all started out with the two of them just getting together wherever they could, but now you never know where this relationship is going to lead. Fans are calling them MaLuca, which actually means crazy in Portuguese.

This couple has been together six times already and so it isn’t like things are slowing down for them. Maggie and DeLuca are a great couple on Grey’s Anatomy and viewers can’t wait to find out how this is going to turn out in the end. These interns just recently started on Grey’s Anatomy, but they are winning over the fans already.

Recently, April and Jackson decided that their relationship was over on Grey’s Anatomy. They actually decided to call it quits even though April is pregnant now. Jackson doesn’t know the news yet. It will be interesting to find out if they end up deciding to try and work it out after that news comes out. Until then, Maggie and DeLuca can keep the fans happy with their relationship. At some point, April and Jackson will either reunite or move on to someone new, giving fans another great love story or two.

Do you think that Maggie and DeLuca make a great couple on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you feel like they are going to last and start to share with everyone that they are dating? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]