Dallas Cowboys Rumors: DeMarco Murray Wants To Return To Big-D, Eagles Seeking Trade

The Dallas Cowboys are preparing for the start of the 2016 NFL year, which is coming in just about a week and a half. Looking back at 2015, the Cowboys obviously have to make some changes to their roster and make sure their key players stay healthy. While Darren McFadden didn’t ave a bad season last year, the Cowboys may be looking to upgrade the position. Reportedly, DeMarco Murray still wants to go back to Dallas and the Philadelphia Eagles are now seeking a trade.

Since last season, Murray has voiced his displeasure with his role with the Eagles and simply being in Philadelphia at all. Each time this rumor or talk has come up, Murray has deflected the allegations and the Eagles have done the same. Today, that isn’t happening anymore.

NBC Sports is reporting that the Eagles are now going to listen to trade offers from other teams for DeMarco Murray.

dallas cowboys rumors demarco murray trade philadelphia eagles
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After the Dallas Cowboys allowed the NFL’s leading rusher to leave the team in free agency after the 2014 season, the Philadelphia Eagles swooped in. They signed Murray for a five-year deal for $40 million, and he’s only completed one of those seasons.

That being said, he would likely need to take a pay cut from any other team if the Eagles agree to trade him.

For Murray to agree to take less money so that a trade happens to Dallas, or any other team in the NFL, he’s likely going to have to be very unhappy with the Eagles. If Philly can’t get a trade partner in the deal and Murray is still that unhappy, then the team could always cut him but that would mean a $13 million hit against the cap.

It is no secret that Murray would love to go back to the Dallas Cowboys, and that has been proven. There is also no surprise that many of the Cowboys want to have DeMarco Murray in the offensive backfield of Dallas once again.

NFL.com reports that many teams around the league realize that Murray’s situation in Philadelphia is “unsettled.” He played in 15 games in 2015 and had just 702 yards on the ground off of 193 carries and just six touchdowns. Those are all of his lowest numbers in three years.

In 2014, Murray led the NFL with 1,845 yards on 392 carries and 13 touchdowns.

dallas cowboys rumors demarco murray trade philadelphia eagles
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The relationship between the Philadelphia Eagles and DeMarco Murray was one that many thought would be a match made in heaven. It was believed that Murray would fit well into Chip Kelly’s offense, but he didn’t. Now, Kelly is in San Francisco.

That’s not any real fault of Murray, but the bad season has seemed to sour him on the team and his desire to stay with the Eagles. Not everyone thought it would be great, though, and some were able to predict that this would be a failure.

It’s hard to think that the Dallas Cowboys would end up looking to trade for DeMarco Murray, or signing a free agent such as Matt Forte. Once the chaos of Joseph Randle and the injuries of other running backs were out of the way, Darren McFadden proved himself to be a decent option.

Sure, McFadden is injury-prone, but he did well in 2015. Still, after the season the Cowboys had, including the injuries that came out of nowhere, they may want to have as much back-up as possible.

DeMarco Murray is reportedly unhappy with the Philadelphia Eagles to the point that they will look to trade him away now. The Dallas Cowboys could be a possible landing place for him, but he’s going to have to take less money if he wants to go back “home.”

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