Ben Carson Pens Article On Why He Will Continue Running For President

Ben Carson was at one point a serious contender in the race to be the Republican presidential nominee. He was competing strongly with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio but has since fallen out of the running. Many believed that Carson would bow out of the race, but he has not done that yet.

Even though there is very little chance that Carson will come back from the deficit he is currently facing to win the nomination, he is not giving up on the American people.

Carson penned a powerful article on explaining why he will not give up on his presidential hopes. He touched on the childish arguments that Trump, Cruz, and Rubio have had and hopes that people will realize that he is a better leader than those three could be. While many may not believe Carson is a legitimate candidate, he certainly hasn’t given into their opinions.


While Carson has not won a primary yet, he has not given up hope that tides will change.

On the day before the Super Tuesday contests — so far only four states have had their say in this election and just five percent of delegates have been assigned — I offer the people a different choice from the other candidates, one they deserve to be able to make for themselves, as they support the principles in which they really believe.”

Carson has made it clear that he plans to keep his campaign going until he runs out of funds or until the American people decide who they want. That may not leave him too terribly much time, as Carson has been rumored to be running out of money. People are still donating to Carson, but that support could run out sooner rather than later.

There is no debate about the fact that Carson is a different type of candidate. He doesn’t play the game that most politicians play. Carson has also been a soft-spoken during the debates and has refrained from jumping in on the back-and-forth arguments that the other candidates have engaged in.

If the people want to vote for the most mature candidate, they would vote either Carson or Ohio governor John Kasich.

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows that Carson is running in fourth with just 10 percent of the vote. Trump leads the way with Rubio in second and Cruz in third. Carson doesn’t seem to mind being viewed as an underdog and hopes that the American people will come around.

Ben Carson refuses to give up on presidential campaign.
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Carson still has some very devoted fans and voters who will keep sending donations his way to keep him afloat. He has won over many people but simply doesn’t have the power to knock off the top three.

Barring a major change of mind in America, Ben Carson will likely be eliminated from contention for the nomination.

It is impressive that Carson is keeping his hopes up despite the disappointing polls. There are still quite a few more states that he has a chance to make up some ground in, but those states don’t look very good for him.

Looking back on his entire campaign, Carson can at least go out knowing that he stayed true to himself and his morals. Carson never gave into the pressure to lower himself to childish behavior. Carson also stuck to his plans and was one of the only candidates who hasn’t angered other candidates.

No matter what the future holds for Carson, he has handled himself admirably throughout this entire presidential race. There is still a chance that Carson can shock the country and make a comeback, but it would take a miracle.

Do you think Ben Carson should bow out of the presidential race? Why do you think Carson’s numbers have been dropping so quickly? Can Carson still make a comeback against all odds?

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