Kanye West Working On ‘Turbo Grafx 16’ — Back In The Studio With Kid Cudi, Mike Dean, And Plain Pat

Kanye West hasn’t taken any time off since releasing his eighth studio album, The Life of Pablo. Instead, the rapper has rushed right because into the studio with promises of another release this summer. West is currently working on a new album, titled Turbo Grafx 16, according to Billboard. There’s no telling if that name will stick, given the four different names given to his previous album, but we do know that Kanye West is already working on the newest offering alongside Kid Cudi, Mike Dean, and Plain Pat.

Kanye’s personal barber, Ibn Jasper, posted pictures to Instagram on Sunday, showing fans that West is indeed putting together another album. Also seen in the shot were Kid Cudi, Mike Dean, and Plain Pat. The photo caption read, “TURBO GRAFX 16 day 1#PABLo #MikeDean #CUDi #PlainPat.”

Apparently, Kanye has been hoarding music like Tupac, which is hard to imagine given the tracklist on The Life of Pablo. If that is the best of what Kanye had to offer, then what could he possibly be putting on Turbo Grafx 16? West has already hinted that he has tracks with Drake, Future, and Young Thug ready to show the world. That makes sense, too, after Kanye went on an epic Twitter rant recently where he blasted the Grammys for completely ignoring Future and Young Thug, even though he felt that one of Future’s many new releases should have been in the running for an award. Not to mention that Kanye West thinks more rap acts should perform during the music awards show.

Jay-Z is also expected to grace the new Kanye West album. Kanye previewed “Closest Thing To Einstein” recently during a party at 1OAK in Los Angeles, and Kanye used a Jay-Z sample on the song. Will Turbo Grafx 16 be bigger than The Life of Pablo? Kanye’s cousin Tony Williams recently said that Kanye held a few key tracks off his newest album so he could release them this summer on Turbo Grafx 16 instead, according to Hip Hop DX.

The new album gets its name from a gaming console released by NEC back in 1989. Before gamers get too excited about the Turbo Grafx shout out, just remember that Kanye West tends to change his mind often, and there’s no telling if the name will stick before the newest album is finally released. This will definitely be new ground for Kanye West if he is able to release Turbo Grafx 16(or whatever he decides to change the name to) before the end of 2016. Kanye has never released two studio albums in the same year before.

Is Kanye wearing himself too thin with fashion shows and studio albums, plus the drama of the entire Kardashian-Jenner family and his own brand new baby boy, Saint West? Many have worried lately about Kanye’s mental health, especially after many recent Twitter rants that call out the Grammys, Taylor Swift, and anyone else who dares to get in his way or not do exactly as Kanye wants. So far, Kanye hasn’t announced any concert dates, something the fans really would love to see. Instead, the prolific rapper has been balancing his newly active social media life with time in the studio as he races to create more music. Let’s just hope that Kanye is thinking about a new tour at some point soon after he releases the next album because, in the end, that’s what fans really want. Not to mention that tours are what bring in the most money, and if Kanye West is really $53 million in debt like he claims, the rapper better hit the road and start selling concert tickets.

[Photo by JP Yin/Getty Images]