Frank Ocean Music Leaked Online — Is Singer Finally Getting Ready To Release ‘Boys Don’t Cry’?

Frank Ocean may have new music out soon. Ocean appeared during Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 fashion show, making fans wonder if there was finally new music on the way. Now, an anonymous source has leaked some snippets of unreleased Frank Ocean music, and his fans are losing their minds according to Mic.

Even Adele has talked about her irritation that Frank Ocean still hasn’t released Boys Don’t Cry. The singer was supposed to drop the album in July 2015. Instead, there have been multiple reasons for the album delay and then silence. Back in November, Adele made it known that it was Frank Ocean’s upcoming album that she was looking forward to the most.

“I’m just f**king waiting for Frank f**king Ocean to come out with his album. It’s taking so f**king long,” Adele told Rolling Stone after finally dropping her own album.

There are rumors that Frank Ocean is releasing Boys Don’t Cry in 2016 but that the release won’t be hugely reported.

Most recently, fans heard Ocean on Kanye West’s new album, The Life of Pablo. It looked like a last-minute decision to add Ocean to the “Wolves” track. Originally, the song was going to feature Sia and Vic Mensa. Kanye finally decided the song was complete after Frank Ocean did the outro, making The Life of Pablo the first time we’ve heard from Ocean in months.

As for Ocean’s new, leaked audio, it sounds pretty good. Of course, the sound quality is low and it literally sounds like someone may have recorded what they heard of Ocean in the studio using their cell phone. Nonetheless, fans are excited that Frank is recording and even more excited that he might finally be finishing up Boys Don’t Cry.

The last studio album Frank Ocean put out was Channel Orange in 2012 and has since put out two compilations but no full albums. Fans are getting antsy for more music, and even Adele wants to know what’s the hold up on Boys Don’t Cry. As Uproxx reported, the sound quality for Ocean’s newest snippet is really low quality, but fans are happy to have it right now. This likely means that rumors of a 2016 album release might actually be true.

The SoundCloud snippet has already been pulled down. There are two Twitter posts with Frank Ocean recordings that are still available, though, and what we’ve heard has fans clamoring for more. Billboard claims the snippets came from a “very very secret Frank Ocean listening party” and that now they are being removed as the snippets are found online. There is no information about the title of the new song or songs. On the recordings, we can hear Frank Ocean do a little bit of rapping, but it’s when his buttery smooth voice starts to croon that we know Frank hasn’t gone anywhere. Check out the leaked Frank Ocean music by clicking the Instagram leaks and tell us what you think.

What will happen when Frank Ocean finally does release new music? There has been some talk that Ocean might drop the album as a surprise rather than get fans worked up again. That might be a good idea, to drop the album Beyonce style and just suddenly, there is new Frank Ocean music on the market. With the new music leaks, though, Ocean better release something official soon. It’s hard to say exactly what the hold up has been, because unlike Kanye West, whose album he appears on, Frank tends not to go overboard talking himself up and bragging about how great he is. Instead, the Grammy winner remains pretty elusive about everything and even stays off social media. Do you think we’ll hear more Frank Ocean in 2016, or is this music leak just another tease?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]