‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Faces A Shocking Possibility, Summer Makes A Decision, And JJ And Gabi Get Intimate

There are said to be some big twists and turns coming up this week according to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers. Viewers saw that Hope got an ominous phone call that will create some big doubts for her, while Joey killed Ava and Steve made moves to cover up for his son. Where are things headed in Monday’s show?

According to We Love Soaps, Hope will be quite worried that she wrongly killed Stefano. She was convinced that Stefano was the one behind Bo’s captivity, but now she has to face the possibility that this assumption of hers was wrong. Will it ultimately be Deimos who was responsible for what happened to Bo, as many suspect?


Days of Our Lives spoilers share that JJ and Gabi will take a big leap forward in their slowly-building romance. They have been dancing around this for a while now, and it seems they will make love during Monday’s show. Will these two become one of the next power couples in Salem?

Monday’s episode also brings plenty of action in California. Brady saved Summer and is intrigued by her connection to Daniel, and he has asked her to head back to Salem with him. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Theresa will not be terribly thrilled by this idea, though.

Theresa has already been experiencing a great deal of jealousy over Nicole being in Brady’s life, and now she has Summer to contend with, as well. Does she have good reason to worry on this front? Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Summer will be headed back to Salem and, as the week continues, Brady will be trying to get a DNA test done to see if she might be Maggie’s daughter.


Brady may not be asking all that many questions of Summer, but Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Nicole will. It seems she will be having a chat with Dario about Summer, trying to learn more about the mysterious woman from Daniel’s past. Some fans might wonder if the groundwork is being laid here for a romance to develop between Nicole and Dario, as it seems that he will soon head to Salem with this crew as well.

What about the situation with Steve, Joey, Ava, and Kayla? Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that there will be plenty of action regarding this storyline this week. Joey will seemingly confess to Kayla during Tuesday’s show, and SoapCentral details that Steve will be scrambling to convince Roman that his story about Ava’s death is legitimate.

Roman may not entirely believe Steve as this all plays out, but most would imagine he will go along with it as much as he can in order to protect Kayla and Joey. However, Roman’s hands may be tied when evidence pointing toward Joey rather than Steve comes to light.

This week brings a bit of a celebration, as many sort through their feelings regarding Stefano’s death. While Hope may have killed him for something he did not actually do, DiMera certainly caused a lot of terror for the Brady family over the years, and few will mourn his departure. However, Chad is said to be struggling a bit with this all, and he is about to face another major problem.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Ben is going to escape the psychiatric hospital where he has been held, and naturally, he will be determined to shake things up for Abigail and Chad. Viewers will see “Chabby” work toward getting married within a matter of days, but will Ben’s escape interfere with these plans?

Just what will Ben do during this escape? Will Joey face the music for killing Ava? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on Days of Our Lives.

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