'The Bachelor' 2016 Final Rose Spoilers: How Does The Finale Play Out For Ben Higgins And His Final 2?

It is almost time for Ben Higgins' final rose ceremony on ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season. Viewers now know for certain after Monday's episode who Ben's final two ladies are and it is time to meet the parents and go on the last chance dates. The "Women Tell All" special is coming up next, but viewers are anxious for Bachelor spoilers regarding the big finale right around the corner.

As fans saw, Ben Higgins said goodbye to Caila Quinn after the overnight dates in Jamaica. That leaves JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell as his final two ladies this season on The Bachelor. As TV Guide notes, the last dates will play out during Episode 11 set to air on Monday, March 14. After this finale plays out, viewers will also get a live "After the Final Rose" special featuring Ben, Lauren and JoJo.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that as viewers would expect, both Lauren and JoJo will meet Ben's parents. In addition, Higgins has last dates with both Fletcher and Bushnell. Even though Reality Steve's spoilers had teased that there was a clear frontrunner from the middle of filming through to the end, the network teases that Ben will be quite conflicted and confused in the hours leading up to his final rose ceremony.

Previous Bachelor spoiler previews have shown Ben being quite upset after sending one woman home, and Higgins is also shown making a phone call. Naturally, this has many fans wondering if he brings one of his ladies back, be it the runner-up he just eliminated or even one of the prior gals.

While Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers have not detailed any scoop on this phone call, he has said he feels confident that it is nothing as significant as the show likes to make it seem. His theory, and that of many other viewers, is that perhaps the phone call is to his mom, seeking some reassurance. In any case, Steve's Bachelor spoilers have been consistent in saying that there is no last-minute change of mind or major shocker in this final rose ceremony.

According to Reality Steve's spoilers, Ben chooses Lauren for his final rose and proposes to her. He has added that they left Jamaica engaged and remain together and engaged now. Will these Bachelor spoiler play out to be accurate or could there be a blindside in this big finale?

While everybody is anxious to see Higgins' final rose ceremony, up next is the Bachelor "Women Tell All" special. Filming for that episode has recently taken place and Reality Steve's spoilers will be breaking down all of the goodies quite soon. Which ladies will be in the hot seat and take some heat from the other ladies? Which ones will give Ben a hard time when he hits the stage for a bit?

Viewers have really been enjoying Ben Higgins as The Bachelor 2016 lead this winter and cannot wait to see how things are going for him with his final pick now. Of course, fans are also starting to buzz about the spring Bachelorette season, as a lead should be announced soon.

Will it be runner-up JoJo Fletcher, third-place finisher Caila Quinn or someone like Amanda Stanton or even Becca Tilley? Reality Steve's spoilers share that no decision has been made yet, but Caila and JoJo seem to be the frontrunners.

Stay tuned for additional teasers as the finale episode draws near. Does Ben Higgins indeed pick Lauren Bushnell on ABC's The Bachelor 2016 finale as Reality Steve's spoilers have detailed or is there a shocker on the way?

[Image via Ben Higgins' Instagram]