Nicki Minaj: She Is Not Breaking Up, But Something Is Up

Nicki Minaj never fails to be in the news, but this time, it seems as if she doesn’t really like it.

There have been rumors that the ‘Anaconda’ singer is breaking up with her boyfriend Meek, who goes into house arrest soon. It’s been reported that he is being put under house arrest for 90 days for violating probation. And it was said that Meek Mill wanted her to move in with him during this period. He wants her to stick around in Philadelphia while he stays in. It doesn’t look like Nicki is ready to put her career on hold and do that as yet. Her work keeps her in Philly most times, TMZ has reported.


When the reports hit the internet, she denied them and simply said, “S/o to these fake stories ~ who’s ready for the show tomorrow?”

Nicki Minaj surely knows how to handle the gossip mill!

It has been reported that Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend would be in house arrest for 90 days. This is for violating a probation for a 2009 drug and gun case, Billboard has said.

Complex reported that “the friction surfaced after Meek tried pressuring Nicki to stay close when he goes into lockdown for 90 days.” The site added that “Meek wanted Nicki to live with him in Philly during his house arrest.”

TMZ has said that the couple fight quite a bit, but this squabble has apparently blown out of proportion. Sources have said that she told Mill “she would not put her life on hold because of his criminal issues, and that triggered a big fight that is still unresolved.”

It does look like Nicki Minaj isn’t happy about the way Meek is handling things. And it surely doesn’t look like she’s ready to put her career on hold to move in with him. Does this mean she’s not ready for the marriage she wanted?

Hollywood Life had reported that Nicki Minaj wanted a wedding in 2016. Minaj even posted an Instagram picture of a ring, which seemed to hint at Meek.

“Nicki is giving Meek a huge hint with the diamond ring and wants him to pop the question this year. She wants to be married in 2016 but she isn’t engaged yet!” a source told Hollywood Life. “He is well aware of the hints and will be getting the job done soon.”

She captioned the picture, “Now this is what I’m talking about baby. Lol. Love u???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? @meekmill ~ RANG finga whr da rock iiizzzzzzz.”

It clearly mentioned Meek and what she expects of him.

With such not-so-subtle hints, Nicki had surely made her intentions about Meek pretty clear. Do you think Nicki’s behavior towards Meek can be seen as her backing out? It’s too early to say anything.

Billboard asked her about that huge piece of rock on her finger last year and whether it was an engagement ring from Meek.

She said, “Yeah. Meek gave me that.”

However, when asked if this meant they were engaged, the singer denied it.

“He and I are not engaged,” Nicki replied.

However, could this mean Nicki is going to return the ring soon?

Last August, there were also rumors that she was pregnant with his child after she addressed him as “my bay father,” the International Business Times has reported. It looks like it will be a tough decision for Nicki Minaj, but she is sticking to the “no breakup” story for now.

Do you think Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are headed for a breakup? Do you think she should move in with him during this tough period?

[Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images]