NetFlix Prima Cinema Gives You Films On Day Of Theater Release, But At A Price

Those with the necessary cash can get to watch the latest movies as they hit the theater at “twice the sharpness of Blu-Ray” with Netflix Prima Cinema.

You too can watch the latest releases on your TV at home, but only if you can pay a hefty $35,000 for the privilege of having a Netflix Prima Cinema TV box sitting next to your big screen TV.

Netflix is well known for its initiatives in attracting new customers, and this particular offering will definitely draw the richer crowd.

Many of us prefer not to go to the theater to see the latest releases. What with the crowds of people, the long queues to get a ticket, the knees prodding the back of your seat and that tall person sitting directly in front of you, it can be an annoying experience. Add to that the overpriced popcorn, soda drinks and candy, as well as the ticket price and it’s not exactly a cheap form of entertainment.

With services like Netflix giving you a video library right at your fingertips, often it is worth the wait to see the latest films at home and in comfort. The ability to pause while you head to the bathroom or to the kitchen to prepare snacks makes it even better.

However, having seen the theatrical trailers, many of us can’t wait to see the latest releases, and now the facility is in place to watch those movies at the time they hit the theaters with the Netflix Prima Cinema movie player.

To the average person, the $500 price tag per film would make the expensive popcorn worthwhile, but to those who can afford to buy the box at $35,000 and cough up the necessary $500 for each movie they watch, this is no problem at all.

Reportedly, you can only buy the Netflix Prima Cinema TV box through an authorized dealer, and according to the International Business Times, to ensure full security, you will need to scan your fingerprint into that box every time you want to download and watch one of the latest releases.

Netflix boasts that the new service offers a video quality “twice the sharpness of Blu-Ray,” as well as uncompressed, cinema-quality surround sound. They are also planning on offering Dolby support and 4K formats in the future.

According to Prima Cinema, the company behind the box on offer from Netflix, it was created as an alternative to the exclusive Hollywood film clubs, where members get to watch the latest theater released films at home (these clubs include A-list celebrities and movie industry insiders as their members). However, the common, every day movie lover will be hard-pressed to afford the cost of the Netflix Prima Cinema TV box at $35,000 a pop as well as the charge per film.

With the new box, users can browse film libraries under the categories of “new releases” and “coming soon.” As they make their preferred selection, they will be prompted to pay a fee of $500 for the privilege of watching the newly released epic. Rather than suffering through the often irritating effects of buffering while viewing, the film is reportedly downloaded onto the Netflix Prima box in encrypted format, making for ease and pleasure in viewing.

You can also take your time choosing which movie to watch that evening, as the box can store up to 50 full-length films, working out at around 75 hours of blockbuster viewing pleasure.

Obviously, the downloads are a fair size, so Netflix recommends a minimum connection speed of 10Mbs, but Prima Cinema does say 20Mbs or more works much better.

According to iDigital Times, the library of movies available through this service on the Prima website is quite extensive, with the latest upcoming films and blockbusters just waiting to be watched, sometimes before they hit the cinema screen.

Volume-wise, the new Netflix Prima service probably won’t compete with services like Amazon, but the exclusiveness of the whole deal is definitely worth the price to those who can afford it.

Netflix Prima Cinema’s website has the message: “Before Prima Cinema, only invited Hollywood insiders were able to view theatrically released films at home. No longer. Prima Cinema is the first premium entertainment company that delivers Hollywood films directly to your private home theater.”

They go on to ask you to imagine never missing that critical opening scene ever again by arriving late at the cinema, and the opportunity to watch any film, at any time.

“Imagine the ability to watch a film anytime you want. Imagine having control over your film-going experience. With PRIMA Cinema, show times are a thing of the past.”

So there you go. If you have the necessary cash, enjoy the new Netflix Prime Cinema service to its fullest.

[Photo via Flickr by Geoff Sloan/CC BY 2.0]