‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6 Episode 12: Dawn Of The Savior War [Video]

The Walking Dead is about to enter its most anticipated storyline to date on the highly-rated AMC show. On Episode 12, titled “Not Tomorrow Yet,” Negan and his band of Saviors are about to get a dose of TWD’s core group. What fans don’t realize is that even though Negan is a feared name for the cult following, they are nowhere near as dangerous as the core group.

In Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, AMC has released some of the details that are about to take place on the show that mirror fan speculation on social media and puts the show’s loyal audience in total anticipation mode.

But Episode 12 is not going to be about an attack by the Saviors on Alexandria, but the other way around. Alexandria and the core The Walking Dead group is about to bring the fight to them before they even know what hit them. All it took was a little visit to the Hilltop for the core to find out who they are and what they stand for in this new world.

Before fans can really get an understanding of what is coming in the next episode, we need to play a little catch up to see where the characters have been in the last episode of The Walking Dead, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In Episode 11, The Walking Dead opened up with the core group in Alexandria all aiming their weapons at Jesus, who they obviously distrust at this point. To make the matter even worse, he outed Rick and Michonne’s romance before Rick had a chance to even tell Carl. So there’s that, and then there’s the obvious fuel for the episode, which was to introduce the people of Alexandria and the core to the Hilltop community.

Fans of The Walking Dead already knew that they were poised to be their allies in the show at some point, but they also know that Rick and the core have a basic distrust of everyone and everything in this new world. There were going to be some growing pains going into this.

In their travels with Jesus to get back to his community again, under the assumption that they could begin an alliance that would allow them to enter into a trade agreement with the community, it was easy to see that there were going to be some growing pains getting started.

They encountered one of the cars from the Hilltop community on their way and tracked survivors to a building. The core saved them and brought them along to return to the Hilltop community, which also gave Glenn and Maggie some added benefits for their trouble.

Upon reaching The Walking Dead’s famous Hilltop community, they soon discover that they are much less prepared to fight a war than Alexandria is, fighting only with spears and no firepower.

Maggie attempts to broker a deal between Alexandria and the Hilltop for a food trade, but the leader, Gregory, tells her that they can do a trade in exchange for labor. Although she is not hip to the idea of sending her people out as slaves in exchange, she does not turn them down.

But the real meat of The Walking Dead episode comes when the Hilltop’s own people come back after a run in with the Saviors and attempts to kill Gregory, motivated by a captive member of their crew held by Negan. Rick fights him off and gets covered in blood. But when the dust settled, they knew exactly what they had to trade for food. That was protection against the Saviors.

So in the next episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and his core group of fighters will be staking out the Saviors and looking for the right way in to get the upper hand on the group of enemies. As a matter of fact, this might just be the incident that starts the war between the two groups on The Walking Dead.

[Image via AMC]