‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John’s Father Finally Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal that one of Salem’s most well-known characters is about to learn something very important about his past.

Soap Shows reports that an actor has officially been cast to play the long lost father of John Black, the man who basically knows nothing about his past and/or his family.

According to the report, actor Tobin Bell, known for his role in the Saw movie franchise, has been cast to play the biological father of John Black on Days of Our Lives.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will John finally find answers? [Image via NBC]As Days of Our Lives viewers know, it was only last month when John finally found out the real story behind his parentage when he met his mother. John’s mother claimed to have given him up for adoption to a nice and loving couple she knew, but when they were killed John was sent to an orphanage and eventually taken in by the Alamain family.

John’s mother told her son that his father had died in the Korean war and gave him a box of his personal possessions, which Days of Our Lives fans have seen John pawing over while trying to figure out more about himself.

Some Days of Our Lives fans will be very excited to see the mystery of John Black’s past finally unfold after decades of uncertainty. However, John’s father won’t be in Salem long. The report claims that Tobin Bell has only signed on for five episodes, which will begin airing on March 11. Perhaps he’ll have some answers to the important questions John’s been asking his entire life.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives teen scene is heating up. Ciara has a dark secret after being raped by her step-brother, Chase Jennings, and it certainly is weighing on her. Poor Ciara has been acting out by lying, drinking, and lashing out at her friends since the terrible event happened to her. Meanwhile, her mother, Hope Brady, has no idea that her daughter has been sexually violated by her step-son and is beginning to get worried about her daughter’s well being.

Other Salem citizens are also finding themselves in some trouble in upcoming episodes. Steve and Kayla’s relationship has been seriously strained by Ava Vitali, whom has done nothing but plot against the Days of Our Lives super couple since returning to Salem earlier this year. Ava, who has messed with young Joey’s head, is now finding out that her life is in jeopardy as karma seems to be catching up to her in a big way.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Horton is dealing with a big issues as well. Jen has unfortunately become addicted to pain killers following the car accident that she was involved in on New Year’s Eve, the same crash that sadly took Dr. Daniel Jonas’ life. However, Jen seems to be getting some support and sympathy from her longtime friend Eric Brady. Eric is the man who caused the car accident by driving drunk and is not only dealing with a huge alcohol addiction issue, but jail time for killing Daniel in the crash as well.

Days of Our Lives: Hope and Rafe hide the fact that they killed Stefano. [Image via NBC]While all of this is happening, news is spreading that Stefano DiMera, who was murdered by Hope Brady, long time Days of Our Lives villain has finally died, for good this time, and the members of the community are actually celebrating the fact that they are seemingly rid of the man who called himself “The Phoenix.” DOOL fans know that Stefano terrorized many of the soap’s beloved characters for decades.

The drama doesn’t seem to be stopping on Days of Our Lives, be sure to tune in to DOOL weekdays on NBC.

[Photo via NBC]