Satanist Changed His Name To ‘The Reverend,’ Strangled Nursing Home Resident

Police were called to Scottsville Manor nursing home in Kentucky when a nurse called 911, stating that someone had murdered a 71-year-old resident, according the Bowling Green Daily News. The person allegedly responsible for the murder is a man formerly known as Robert Reynolds, 35, who legally changed his name to “The Reverend.”

The Reverend had a verbal altercation with the elderly Gary Glueck earlier in the day, according to Scottsville Police Detective John Rose. Authorities said a nurse reported checking on the victim around 2 p.m. and stated everything seemed okay. Later, The Reverend went to the nurses’ station, told her he was thirsty and asked for a drink of water, then he proceeded to tell the nurse that he had killed Glueck in his room.

It’s unclear why the 35-year-old man was a resident of the nursing home and Scottsville Manor declined to comment on his mental status. They do house persons who are mentally and physically disabled and the elderly. The Reverend posted information about his mental health on his Facebook page, Rev-Anton DeSade.

“I’m schizophrenic and there is no cure. Everyday folks here at the home have to do everything for me, but I need it. With no thought that life will ever improve why must I live this way. Solely the Dutch seem to understand thus far. Ave. The Reverend.” The post included a link to the Death with Dignity website.

The Reverend also posted that he is a “spiritual OBGYN which can help Gay couples have their own kids with each other and I(t) have also cured impotence.”

The Reverend started his own religion called Reynoldsianism, according to Daily Mail, based on his former name. He has two Facebook pages, one as Rev-Anton DeSade and one as the 1st Church of Reynoldsianism. That church’s address is the Scottsville Manor nursing home. The Reverend refers to himself as a Satanist and posts, “I am the Spiritual Grandson of American Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey.” He also claims he is now on Wikipedia and has a website of original Satanic songs, The Reverend: Reynoldsian/Easy Listening Satanic Music.

The Reverend’s last post was January 24 when he posted a long message about his beliefs. “We are evaluating our stance on Polygamy at this time. Once prepared a statement will be issued by The Inseme (The Reverend Our Holy Father (myself). I communicate in telepathetic ways and I speak in Reynoldsian to ye when I feel that ye are ready. Speak not to my wifes [sic] for that is a benefit in The Reynoldsian Faith.”

The victim spent the next day, which would have been his 72nd birthday, at the medical examiner’s office in Louisville. Allen County Coroner Darren E. Davis said the victim was stabbed in the neck with a pen and strangled with a lamp cord. Glueck is a ward of the state and had no known family.

The residents of Scottsville are shocked and concerned about the recent rash of homicides in the small town. They rarely average a murder a year and now there have been four murders in four months. One resident said he was going to buy a gun, another said he grew up in the small town and had “never known anything like it.”

An emotional Lesa Keen, Administrator of the 40-bed facility, said that safety was the main concern. She said that they were bringing in extra staff to reassure the residents. “This is their home,” she said.

The Reverend has been charged with murder and remains in Allen County Detention Center with no bond. He will appear in Allen District Court on Wednesday, March 2.

[Photo by Allen County Jail/AP Images]