Leah Block, Lace Morris Leak Major ‘Bachelor’ Spoiler On Snapchat — See The Pics

Reality Steve isn’t the only person spoiling The Bachelor this season. Contestants Leah Block and Lace Morris, who were eliminated earlier in the season, channeled their inner Kaitlyn Bristowe and leaked out a major spoiler on Snapchat after taping the Women Tell All special on Saturday night.

Both Lace and Leah were short-term villains on this season of the Bachelor. Lace got a bad rap for being tipsy and confrontational, and Leah was eliminated after telling Ben Higgins several mistruths about frontrunner Lauren Bushnell.

Not only did they make waves while filming the show, Lace and Leah upset many fans when they leaked out photos that spoiled the outcome of the upcoming Fantasy Suite dates episode that airs Monday, February 29.

Please be aware that there are spoilers ahead, just in case you didn’t see Lace and Leah’s Snapchat stories.

On Saturday, Ben’s rejected ladies taped the Women Tell All in Los Angeles. Most Bachelor fans know that the WTA is filmed before the overnight dates and final rose episodes air on TV. Although the final two girls do not appear on the special, the girl who gets eliminated on the overnight dates episode does.

Caila Quinn Women Tell All Caila Quinn, Lauren Himle, Leah Block at the WTA After Party [Leah Block/Snapchat]Reality Steve revealed weeks ago that Ben sent Caila Quinn home after their overnight date, but fans who steer clear of his spoilers didn’t expect to find out on Snapchat that Caila was eliminated until the Women Tell All airs next week.

After the taping ended on Saturday, the girls were transported by shuttle to a private after party in L.A. During the party, many of the girls shared photos on Snapchat, but Lace Morris and Leah Block posed with Caila Quinn in a number of their Snaps, including the photos above and below.

lace morris and caila quinn Lace Morris, Amanda Stanton and Caila Quinn head to WTA after party [Lace Morris/Snapchat]One of the show’s producers, Elan Gale, was at the party and even appeared in some of the Snaps with the girls. However, it’s not clear if he was aware that Leah (LeahBlock) and Lace (Lovelylace3) were sharing pictures and videos of Caila with their Snapchat followers.

leah block caila quinn Caila Quinn, Leah Block at WTA after party [Leah Block/Snapchat]On the last season of the Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth ruined the outcome of the final rose ceremony when they sent out a Snapchat picture that showed them lying in bed together. Up until that point, fans thought Reality Steve‘s spoilers were correct when he confirmed that Kaitlyn didn’t pick anyone. Once the Snap leaked out and Kaitlyn spoiled her own season, Steve revised his spoilers.

Although Lace and Leah’s Snaps didn’t spoil the season finale, it was a major spoiler for fans who weren’t sure if Caila would make it to the final two. Needless to say, fans who were trying to steer clear of the countless spoilers were very upset.

Now that the word is out that Caila was eliminated on the overnight dates episode, fans will see Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher compete for the final rose.

Will Lauren or JoJo get Ben’s final rose? Hopefully that information won’t leak out on Snapchat — or is it already clear who the winner is?

The Women Tell All special airs on March 7 followed by the Bachelor Season 20 finale on March 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image: ABC Television Network]