Dunkin’ Donuts Competes With McDonald’s In Breakfast Menu Showdown

Dunkin' Donuts isn't backing down from McDonald's all-day breakfast menu. Instead, the sugary fast food chain is changing the format of its menus to entice more consumers to order breakfast for its stores as opposed to McDonald's, the chain confirmed.

According to Fortune, Dunkin' will unveil new overhaul counter menus and drive-thru windows at its 8,500 U.S. stores in order to compete with Mickey Dees. Bloomberg reported that the chain will no longer emphasize combo meals in the new menus.

Dunkin' Donuts told Fortune it began transitioning to the new menu boards on Wednesday and that the company expects all U.S. locations to reveal them within a weeks' time.

"Revitalized burger players" have been affecting Dunkin' Donuts' sales, CEO Nigel Travis said on a recent phone call with investors. "The competition is fierce and getting fiercer," Travis reportedly said.

"Many of our guests want something more. They have plenty of options from which to choose to get their morning coffee and afternoon pick-me-up."
Bloomberg reports that the new menu will emphasize beverages, which offer a higher profit margin for the chain.
"It's an area we want to grow," Dunkin' Donuts Vice President of Global Consumer Engagement, Scott Hudler, told Bloomberg."Owning the coffee space is going to allow us to drive more transactions."

"Dunkin' Donuts' new menu boards offer our guests a more contemporary, brighter, easier-to-read menu with attractive fonts, imagery and video content, to create an overall warmer, more modern design," Hudler added in a statement.

"The menu board layout is designed to strategically emphasize Dunkin' Donuts' coffee and beverage varieties as well as our sandwich options all served any time of day, making it easier for guests to personalize their order."

As a part of its new menu, Dunkin' Donuts will begin serving the GrandDDe Burrito, a 10-ounce breakfast burrito filled with a spicy omelet, jalapenos, red bell peppers, and pepper jack cheese with habanero beginning Feb. 29.

In addition to being jam-packed with spicy, cheesy goodness, the breakfast burrito will also be filled with a rice and bean blend that contains corn, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. Sausage is also available as an add-on for customers.

"When creating a new menu item, Dunkin' Donuts culinary excellence team listens to feedback from consumers and franchisees to develop new and innovative products that will fit the needs of everyone," Dunkin' Donuts' Executive Chef and Vice President of Product Innovation, Jeff Miller, told Refinery 29.

"Our menu innovation team is a collection of food professionals across the board who specialize in research and development, and have a hyper-curiosity for food, flavor, and food experiences," he continued. "On a daily basis, our team becomes inspired by a range of sources from food and flavor trends, to guest feedback and more."

Dunkin' has also promised to deliver a sweet new treat just in time for spring. Customers will soon be able to enjoy The Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Donut, which features the classic glazed croissant donut with strawberry buttercream, drizzled with vanilla and strawberry icing.

Coffee-drinkers will also be able to try the new pistachio flavor in hot or iced coffee, lattes, or macchiatos.

"We look to new LTOs (limited time offers) like the GranDDe Burrito and the Baskin-Robbins inspired coffee and latte flavors to help differentiate our menu choices, and to set us apart from other restaurant brands," Miller said.

"For instance, our new Pistachio coffee and latte flavor, inspired by Baskin-Robbins ice cream, presents a unique flavor combination, and we love that we can offer our fans something new and innovative."

[Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]