Johnny Manziel Reportedly Caught Partying On Video ‘Hours’ After Assault Case Sent To Grand Jury

Johnny Manziel, quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, was reportedly seen partying at a club in Miami mere hours after officials announced that his domestic violence assault case had been sent to a grand jury. At the Story nightclub in Miami on Thursday night, the troubled football player wore a large hat and sunglasses in an attempt to conceal his identity.

While Manziel attempted to party on the “down low,” the 23-year-old was later recognized while drinking what appeared to be champagne directly from the bottle. According to TMZ Sports, the gossip site says they spoke with several witnesses, including a staff member, and obtained video of Manziel drinking straight from a bottle of champagne.

Manziel allegedly hit the club mere hours after the Dallas Police Department announced the case against him was sent to the grand jury. The grand jury will decide whether charges should be filed against him. Manziel could be sentenced up to a year in jail and face a $4,000 fine, the Daily Mail reports.

Manziel is accused of hitting, kidnapping, and threatening the life of his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. Crowley said Manziel threatened to kill them both and that he also dragged her by her hair and hit her so hard that her eardrum was ruptured. The alleged altercation occurred in Dallas on January 30.

Manziel’s NFL career is on the line. The Cleveland Browns are expected to release Manziel on March 9, and it’s unlikely another NFL team will be willing take a chance on him. He’s facing jail time even as he is seen engaging in seriously self-destructive behaviors with drinking and partying. Those very same behaviors seem to be leading him to criminal charges.

According to Yardbarker, football teams in the NFL have taken chances on troubled players in the past, but with the video of Manziel’s alleged partying, it seems like he’s “almost bragging about his issues right now.” He chose to party in a very public place.

The question is: will he take responsibility if he indeed was at the club, or will he attempt to cover his partying and drinking with a lie? Remember he was benched for lying about a partying video that began circulating during the Browns’ bye week.

According to CBS Sports, Manziel posed for a few photos before he went to the Story nightclub.

Cleveland’s new head coach Hue Jackson and the executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown have both publicly spoken out against Manziel’s conduct.

Referring to Manziel’s domestic violence case, Jackson said, “That behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward. Our organization is going to take a stand.”

Sashi Brown released a statement regarding Johnny Manziel through the Cleveland Browns’ official website on February 2.

“We’ve been clear about expectations for our players on and off the field. Johnny’s continual involvement in incidents that run counter to those expectations undermines the hard work of his teammates and the reputation of our organization. His status with our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. We will have no further comment at this time.”

Johnny Manziel’s father has said the family have tried twice but failed to get Manziel into rehab, although Johnny did spend 73 days in a Pennsylvania treatment center last year. Johnny’s father says he fears for his son’s life.

Neither Manziel nor his attorney have commented on the case going to the grand jury or the alleged partying at the Miami nightclub.

What do you think of Johnny Manziel’s latest troubles?

[Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]