'Orphan Black' Star Tatiana Maslany Teases A New Clone [Video]

It's time to talk about Clone Club. Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany is giving fans a little tease for the upcoming season by revealing that a new sister will be joining the club. This isn't all that will be going on in season 4 of Orphan Black. Fans can expect Kira (Skyler Wexler) to be playing a bigger part, as more is discovered about what makes Sarah's daughter so special.

There are also video teasers that give a good glimpse into Orphan Black's season 4 for those that can't wait for the premiere.

Orphan Black Actress Tatiana Maslany Dishes On Her Newest Clone


Tatiana revealed that season 4 of Orphan Black will kick off by introducing a new clone, someone going by the name of M.K. and, judging by what Ms. Maslany has said so far, she might just be as crazy as Helena. The biggest thing that makes M.K. stand out is her Dolly the Sheep mask, so great care was obviously taken in choosing just the right mask.

In searching for the perfect mask, Orphan Black's executive producer John Fawcett said they were looking for a melding of spooky and childish imagery.

The mask had to be very specific, because, as Ms. Maslany says, it's representative of the entire season.

"The sheep mask is sort of an image that we see first episode. The idea of masks to me is a really interesting theme this season," explains Tatiana. "Whether it's the mask we wear as a mother playing that role or whether its power, aesthetic, where it says one thing about us where we might be feeling a total different other thing."

The Orphan Black actress also said that Sarah Manning will continue to lead the clones, especially as she attempts to integrate M.K. into the group. Keeping the clones together in such a tight knit group will be all that much more important, as bigger secrets come into play.


Little else is known about M.K., except that she had been self aware for much longer than any of the other clones, except for Rachel. Maslany says that this will end up being both a blessing and a curse.

Orphan Black Will Reveal What Secrets May Be Lurking In Kira's Blood


One of the most puzzling aspects of the clone projects on Orphan Black has to do with why Sarah Manning has been the only clone to successfully carry a child to term. Even after it was explained that Sarah's ability to conceive was the flaw and that clones were intended by design to be incapable of reproducing, there still remains many questions to be answered. Those answers may lie within Kira's DNA.

"We have definite plans to get more answers about Kira in season four. The most human part about her can't really be explained by science," says Orphan Black executive producer Graeme Manson.

Complicating matters further, those worms from season 3 are back. This time, one of them shows up in Sarah's jaw, when Mrs. S, suspecting something had been done to Sarah during her incarceration, performs an on-the-spot inspection. While it's still unknown just what function these worms serve, this may also be revealed in season 4 of Orphan Black.


The season synopsis for Orphan Black suggests that Sarah is headed for serious alone time, even after her Icelandic sabbatical. She'll head off on her own in search of an ally, someone closely connected to Beth Childs. This new mission will leave Sarah estranged from her sisters and away from the influences that had, not so long ago, changed her life for the better.

The season 4 premiere of Orphan Black is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 14, on BBC America.

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