Yo Gotti ‘DM’: Confesses His Feelings For Angela Simmons, And It Works

What started off as light conversation for Yo Gotti turned into something much greater for the rapper. Now, it seems that Yo Gotti has a thing for fashion icon Angela Simmons.

Yo Gotti had a recent interview on The Real, a popular morning talk show. Once on-air, the cast questioned Gotti concerning his song, “Down in the DM.” While several people have been flooding his direct messages since the onset of the song, the important question of the day was, “Who are you hitting back?”

That’s pretty obvious by the headline, right? So, the cast mentioned that he is “really feeling it,” if he has Angela Simmons in his lyrics. If you don’t know the lyrics, they are as follows.

“I’m addicted to it I know I am, and I just followed Angela Simmons/Boy I got a crush on Angela Simmons/They like ‘D**n, Gotti, you bold’/F**k it I’mma let the world know/Goals.”

While Yo Gotti interviewed with the cast, they took a segment of their show to give him an opportunity to reach out to Angela Simmons, via television. Likewise, Gotti jumped at the chance to make his eligibility known. In so many words, the “Down in the DM” rapper emphasized the two possibly being teammates — relationship-wise.

“Yo, yo, yo. Aye, yo what’s poppin’, Angela? This your boy, Yo Gotti. You know what it is. I feel like you’re a ‘BB’. You’re a boss and a beauty, so I need you on the team.”

This rapper is no stranger to women. According to Yo Gotti, there’s always someone trying to “get at” him. So, what would make him want Angela Simmons, given all the women who approach him on a regular basis?

Gotti states that he’s always been in the streets and grew up in a different culture. Mostly, he’s always been attracted to “good girls.” Similarly, he noted that he gets in enough trouble as it is. So, he needs someone on his team that’ll possibly balance him, no?

Bossip got a closer view of Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons together earlier this month at his Toronto party, during NBA All-Star Weekend. The two have been seen in boundary-less, cozy situations since his on-air proclamation and offer.

Around the time they were spotted, Angela Simmons had posted “Love and Happiness” to her Instagram profile.

Not saying that she was referring to Yo Gotti when she posted this, but given the situation, maybe there were underlying tones in the post. However, don’t forget that — two months ago — Yo Gotti sent Angela flowers.

According to Bossip, Simmons was very delighted.

“I did tell Gotti thanks for the shoutout, I was very flattered. He showed up to my faux fur launch and that’s where he sent the flowers actually and it was very sweet of him…

“They were really nice flowers. I’m flattered. He’s really nice, that’s awesome.”

Not that this will work every time, but sometimes, maybe the only “no” you’ll hear is the one you tell yourself. Obviously, Yo Gotti was confident enough to tell Angela Simmons how he really felt.

However, how long will it last? Remember, if you watched the interview on The Real, Yo Gotti was asked about his availability and if there’s opportunity for other women. To this, Gotti responded that it will always be opportunity. Given his fame, he’s not lying. The opportunities will always be there and present in his face. The million dollar question is: “Will he stay faithful to Angela Simmons, if they actually get/are together?”

What’s your stance on the potential relationship between Yo Gotti and Simmons? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Instagram]