Chris Soules Took ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Alum Back To Hotel After Janner Wedding: Who Was It?

Chris Soules is single once again after his big split from Whitney Bischoff and it looks like Chris isn’t having any trouble finding someone to spend time with while he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Wet Paint shared that at the recent Janner wedding of Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, Chris Soules actually took a girl back to his hotel room. The girl Chris was with also happens to be someone that was on Bachelor in Paradise this past season and didn’t find love there. Now Chris Soules is having a fun time with girls that were on the show in the past.


Past contestant Ashley Iaconetti revealed that Chris Soules took someone back to his hotel room and it wasn’t her. If Ashley hooked up with someone, she didn’t share the details, but she wasn’t afraid to share about what Chris did. It was actually Ashley’s sister Lauren, who was on the show with her last summer. While on Jenny McCarthy’s radio show, Ashley shared what details she was willing to put out there.

“He may or may not have, like, made out with my sister at the wedding. Maybe she went to his hotel room and that’s all you need to know.”

Now, of course, Ashley isn’t sharing if Chris Soules and her sister have been talking since they went home from the wedding. These two sound like they had a fun night together though. In the clip, Ashley talks about how Chris Soules was her guy on the show and Ashley says she is happy that it didn’t work out. The first time that Ashley had seen Chris Soules since the show was at the wedding.

Ashley shared that Chris Soules was a lot different than he was on the show. This is when Ashley went on to share the details of Chris Soules and her sister at the wedding. Of course, everyone wants more details and for some reason ABC didn’t share this on the show. Ashley said there should have been cameras at the hotel elevators and breakfast tables the next morning. Her sister didn’t really make it on the show Bachelor in Paradise, but maybe she has found love now with Chris Soules.


Back in October, Us Magazine shared about Chris Soules and what he was up to now. He was still single at the time and Chris said that he was still talking to Whitney regularly even though they split. Chris said they were still friends and that she was doing well too. At the time, Chris Soules was working hard on the farm. He shared the details.

“We’re just beginning harvest, so that’s exciting. We put all this work in all summer long and spring, and we finally get to go out and have that reward at the end of the year. It’s always exciting and it’s my favorite time of the year for a lot of reasons, whether it’s harvest weather, all those things are awesome in Iowa. I’m happy to be on the farm and not doing any reality television in the fall.”

Are you shocked to hear that Chris Soules hooked up with Ashley’s sister Lauren at the wedding? Do you think that these two could end up being more than friends or just a one night stand? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC where Ben Higgins is trying to find love.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Friends of Hudson River Park]