Kenya Moore Hints At Pregnancy, As Boyfriend Matt Jordan Denies Being Paid To Date ‘RHOA’ Star

Kenya Moore seems to have hinted that she might be pregnant, having posted a suggestive video on her official Instagram page, complaining about how she couldn’t zip up her pants.

The ageing reality star, who has been wishing to start a family for years, has continuously made headlines as of late, with the rumor initially being that Moore was trying to get pregnant with her personal trainer boyfriend, Matt Jordan.

The couple has been dating for almost a year, and while fans have pointed out that Kenya Moore is known to call off a relationship as soon as the series for Real Housewives of Atlanta concludes, Matt seems to have won Kenya over — especially if there’s already a bun in the oven.

“I’m literally in the back of the limo laying down because I can’t zip my pants. This is a tragedy,” Kenya says in the video, before tilting the camera to her stomach. She fails to confirm or deny whether she is pregnant, which has also led some to believe that the 45-year-old is “milking the cow” for as long as she possibly can.

A source for Bossip, however, begs to differ, claiming that the announcement of Kenya Moore’s pregnancy won’t be revealed until she graces the stage for the forthcoming taping of the three-part Housewives reunion. Bravo may have offered the TV personality a substantial amount of money in order to stay quiet on the pregnancy rumors until the episode airs in a few weeks.

The news of Kenya Moore reportedly being pregnant comes just days after her boyfriend, Matt, shut down rumors of ever being paid to be the actress’ love interest on the hit show. These speculations were merely based on the supposed fact that Kenya was said to have paid her ex-boyfriend, Walter, a significant amount to act as her boyfriend on the program.

Walter went on to confirm these reports, stating that the relationship between he and Kenya Moore was fake, adding that the socialite needed a storyline in order to keep herself on the show, which evidently led to her constant arguments with Walter over his decision in not wanting to settle down with her.

“That’s my lady at the end of the day and it’s hurtful to me when people say malicious things about her. The brother that said that is very weak in my opinion, for going on a national campaign to try to slander her image. That guy has faded off into oblivion, and she’s still having to address or talk about a lie. She’s onto me now and I’m sitting here years later, and I have to address a lie that another man made. That’s a beautiful woman, and let’s use a little bit of common sense for a second. Why would a beautiful, intelligent, secure woman like Kenya have to pay a man to date her? It doesn’t make sense.”

Kenya, who recently flew out to Los Angeles to attend several star-studded Oscars parties, will probably be making the wise decision not to splurge herself on alcohol. However, if she does decide to indulge in a glass of wine (or two), it will be more than obvious that the reality star has dragged up another shenanigan in the hopes of sustaining relevancy following Nene Leakes’ big return to the show earlier this month.

While Leakes and Moore have gotten along better than in previous seasons, Kenya was anything but pleased when Nene joined the ladies on their trip to Jamaica. Fans are clearly baffled as to what they are supposed to believe. Kenya is either pregnant with her first child or she’s faking the whole story for relevancy. Which one do you think sounds more accurate?

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]