Rent-A-Gent: Guys Make $100 Per Hour, Women Pay $200 Per Hour To Rent A Man For A Date

The website called Rent-a-Gent is getting more buzz, not only because of great feedback from sites like Business Insider, but because of the income potential that folks who use Rent-a-Gent can experience. As seen in the description of the Rent-a-Gent website, they are seeking all manner of men who are willing to get paid about $100 per hour to accompany women in a variety of ways — but not sexually. There’s supposed to be no messing around, no sex,and no kissing on these Rent-A-Gent dates. Instead, if a woman needs a well-read conversationalist to accompany her to a wedding, or some kind of other event and doesn’t mind paying $200 per hour, she could turn to Rent-a-Gent to find a date to accompany her to those events.

“We’re recruiting Rental Gents across the US and Canada. We’re seeking gentlemen who are handsome, charming, and accomplished. There’s no hanky panky at this job. Suitable professions include: doctors, lawyers, finance guys, real estate guys, models, actors, writers, photographers, chefs, bartenders, pilots, etc. A Gent for Rent is a gentleman host that knows how to charm the ladies and keep a party going. He is the life of any occasion, while making the ladies the sparkle in the sky. Go rock climbing, serve, cook, be the best dancer at a wedding. Compensation is about $100 an hour.”

The Business Insider article by Raisa Bruner, which spells out her experience with a Rent-a-Gent date that turned out very well on a jaunt to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has swelled to nearly 250,000 views in about one day. For Bruner, her Rent-a-Gent date turned out to be a truly tall gentlemen. He was a man who didn’t once glance at his phone during their entire date, and made sure to take the time to focus on Raisa.

Whereas other, slightly similar services focus on giving females the ability to pay to get a guy to do whatever she needs — be it running errands or fixing things around the house — Rent-a-Gent sounds a bit different by offering well-rounded guys the chance to make money by going on platonic dates. The Rent-a-Gent outfit is being called a modern-day escort service for the startup era with a twist: There’s supposedly no hints of the shady, paying-for-sex type of stuff.


Some social media users are joking that after Rent-a-Gent’s success, there should be a service that offers women the chance to rent a husband. Even rental car commercials have poked fun at the fact that some women grab onto guys during an emergency, asking them to pose as their boyfriends, just to get their families to stop asking them when they are going to settle down with a nice guy.

The brainchild behind Rent-a-Gent, as reported by CNBC, is Sara Shikhman, who founded the company three years ago when she found herself in a bind and needed a date to “flex on her ex” with, as Fetty Wap would sing.

“I was the CEO of a $10 million start-up and was going to an event where my ex would be, and I didn’t want to go on my own.”

It turns out that Rent-a-Gent has survived long enough to get press and get folks talking about the service. In the day and age when women are just as busy as men — and can be equally successful or more so than their male counterparts in their soaring careers — certain women have more money than time to foster the relationships needed to accompany them to an event. Such a service as Rent-a-Gent could help such a dilemma — and who knows if it could actually end up with a successful dating situation or marvelous marriage in the end. If so, it would be the stuff that “meet cute” movie dreams are made of.


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