Will Brie Larson Top Oscars Darling Jennifer Lawrence For Best Actress?

Brie Larson is hoping to take home the Oscar tonight, but she will be facing some tough competition in two-time Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence. While Larson has been riding the wave of success this awards season for her work in Room, scooping up the Golden Globe, BAFTA, and SAG, the Oscars have been known to throw some curveballs.

Brie Larson celebrates at Pre-Oscar party, February 2016. Image via Rachel Goodwin Instagram
Brie Larson celebrates at Pre-Oscar party, February 2016. Image via Rachel Goodwin Instagram

The Golden Globes separate the categories of “Comedy” and “Drama,” allowing Jennifer and Brie to each dominate their own category, while the Oscars will pit Lawrence and Larson against each other for the coveted gold statue. While many are anticipating Brie Larson to be the triumphant one, there are no guarantees. Just ask Leonardo DiCaprio.

Brie Larson, who is known for her role in the critically acclaimed United States of Tara and her portrayal as Amy Schumer’s sister in last year’s Trainweck, has been studying acting since the age of six but Brie’s work has never been recognized to the degree it has with the acclaim of her role in Room.

Larson recently spoke with People about how she is coping with her first standout awards season.

“When I’m sitting in bed—that Brie I know. But I don’t know the Brie in sky-high heels on a carpet with a bunch of people screaming at me. I wonder what she’s like,” Larson said. “Either way, I’ve got an awesome therapist and an awesome family, and two really cool dogs, so I’m good.”

Brie Larson poses with 'Room' co-star Jacob Tremblay prior to Oscar luncheon. Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
Brie Larson poses with 'Room' co-star Jacob Tremblay prior to Oscar luncheon. Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

Room is the heart-wrenching story of a young woman, played by Brie, who is held captive for seven years after being kidnapped as a teenager. With the help of her 5-year-old son, Jack, she is able to escape but her transition back into the world is almost too much for Larson’s character to bear. Brie’s portrayal transcends all emotions and the pairing of Larson with the incredibly gifted Jacob Tremblay makes Room a powerfully intense drama that would seemingly assure Larson the Oscar. There’s just one problem: Jennifer Lawrence.

While Lawrence’s movie Joy received mixed reviews, Jennifer’s performance as the title role received tremendous praise, much like Brie. Lawrence’s previous two Oscar wins have come from her collaborations with director David O. Russell and Joy is another pairing of the director and actress. Ironically, Brie Larson’s character in Room is also named “Joy” meaning the Best Actress Oscar could go to who wore the name best.

While no one is ruling out the possibility that any of the other nominees could completely throw off expectations and snatch the Oscar from Larson or Lawrence, the battle for the win between Brie and Jennifer may signify something more significant — a challenge for upcoming roles. Early last year it was announced that Jennifer Lawrence was going to take the lead role in The Glass Castle, but according to Entertainment Weekly, Brie Larson is now slated for that role. And given Lawrence’s recent uprising requesting equal pay despite being named as the top paid Oscar nominee by Forbes with $52 million in earnings last year, some might consider Larson to be a bargain at the moment considering Brie’s net worth is currently only at around $2 million.

Whether or not Brie Larson takes home the Oscar tonight, she has gained the attention of Hollywood executives. Much like Jennifer Lawrence, Brie’s start in lower-budgeted independent films may lead to blockbuster success. Larson is currently filming Kong: Skull Island with Avengers actor Tom Hiddleston. Touted as a prequel to King Kong, it is anticipated to be a huge commercial success. But then again, so was Gods of War which is getting pummeled by Deadpool on its opening weekend. Hopefully, Brie Larson isn’t blindsided this weekend too.

[Brie Larson cover image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Room red carpet premiere.]