Thomas Webster: Delaware Police Officer Who Kicked Black Suspect In The Head Resigns, Gets $230,000 Settlement

Thomas Webster was seen on video kicking a black suspect in the head and shattering the man’s jaw, but now the Delaware police officer will be resigning without facing prison — and will be getting a $230,000 settlement for leaving the force.

Webster was acquitted of a felony assault charge last year after he was captured on video kicking Lateef Dickerson in the head during a 2013 arrest. The video appeared to show Dickerson complying with police orders to lie on the ground, when Webster seemed to kick him unprompted. The kick broke Dickerson’s jaw, and Webster was charged with assault.


But ultimately a jury agreed with Webster’s claim that he acted in self-defense in a decision that sparked anger in the Dover community, USA Today reported.

“He didn’t take responsibility. No jail, no nothing,” local resident Kentrell Sewell told the newspaper. “Now, if it’s not going to happen in Dover, he’s just gonna kick somebody somewhere else.”

After his acquittal, Webster returned to the police department but this week announced that he would leave the force by June 30. He reached an agreement with the department that he will no longer have contact with the police department building or communicate with city officials. He also will be banned from applying for positions in the city of Dover.

Video of the incident can be seen below, but be warned that it contains some graphic images.