Candace Cameron Bure Under Fire For Agreeing With Duggars Just Days After ‘Fuller House’ Release

Candace Cameron Bure is used to ruffling some feathers when talking about her Christian beliefs. She was tapped to be on the panel of ladies co-hosting The View, and a lot of what she says has been thrown back at her. While Bure never really stepped out of the spotlight after Full House was canceled, she hasn’t experienced this type of celebrity status in several years. Between her position on The View and the release of Fuller House this weekend, Candace Cameron Bure was quickly placed back on the celebrity list.

The latest drama surrounding Candace Cameron Bure has to do with the Duggar family. While the connection isn’t quite clear to anyone at first glance, digging deeper reveals shocking details. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Candace Cameron Bure believes in corporal punishment for children. In fact, she used the Pearl’s methods just as Michelle Duggar did with her brood. Bure admitted to using the methods and endorsed the book in a blog post, but it has since been taken down. The post was over a decade old, but it was proof that Bure is of the same mindset the Duggars are. This has caused a lot of unfair comparisons between the two. While it is true that Bure backed the book, she isn’t comparable to the Duggar family. Their beliefs may have been similar, but that is where the line is drawn. The media has gone wild with this, and Candace Cameron Bure is being hit with a lot of criticism.

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Fuller House was released this past Friday, which is when Candace Cameron Bure really started getting bombarded with heavy criticism for her parenting choices. Things have started to go downhill quickly with the comparison to the Duggar family, especially with all of their recent scandals. While people who know Bure know there is no comparison between the two, but the critics are not letting up. On what is supposed to be a big weekend for Bure and her co-stars, there are plenty of nasty things being said. Blanket training is said to be the most damning practice the Pearl’s approve, but their methods borderline child abuse according to some. Bure’s children are all teenagers now, and are given much more freedom that the Duggar children ever were.

It appears that Candace Cameron Bure’s beliefs may have also caused tension in her private life. Rumors have been circulating that there was a bit of on-set awkwardness because of what Bure believes. According to Design & Trend, Candace Cameron Bure was at odds with some of her Fuller House co-stars. Bob Saget has been one mentioned over and over again. When commenting about him on The View, things often look tense. While the cast has remained close over the years, Bure’s Christian values have definitely set her apart. The rumors of tension may have been a bit exaggerated, but it is clearly known that Bure is against cursing and filth, and Saget is known for his very adult comedy routines.

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With the release of Fuller House and the recent comparison to the Duggar family, Candace Cameron Bure has become quite a hot topic. While it was anticipated, no one would have thought she would be linked to the extreme beliefs the Duggars hold. Other than deleting the blog post talking about the Pearl’s methods, Bure has not responded to the criticism. Looking forward, fans know that the critics are comparing apples and oranges. Bure will never be shamed by her beliefs, no matter what it costs her. Candace Cameron Bure is busy promoting Fuller House this weekend, and will likely discuss the drama surrounding her at some point on The View during the upcoming week.

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