'Cruel': 'Kruel' Lifetime Movie Targets Killer Clown As Kidnapper Of Missing Boy, Starring Kierney Nelson

Traciy Reyes

Cruel is a new movie that is slated to debut on the Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) tonight. It first aired in 2015 under the name Kruel. Directed and written by Robert Henderson, LMN's Cruel movie is about a babysitter who gets in over her head and she sets out to prove that the local ice cream man is the kidnapper of a missing boy. It stars Kierney Nelson as Jo O'Hare, Dakota Morrissiey as Ben Hood, Adam Vernier as Dan O'hare, J.T. Chinn as Willie, Elizabeth Brewster as Jill O'hare, Ansley Gordon as Jessica Moon, Cooper Henderson as Brandon Walters, Rita Manyette as Jackie Love, Keegan Henderson as David O'hare, and Tom Siedle as Officer Landon, as listed at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).


Cruel movie synopsis on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)

Cruel introduces us to Jo O'hare a college-age student who has decided to take a leave from school, especially after the dramatic breakup with her cheating boyfriend, Ben, and the loss of her track scholarship. As she settles in, Jo realizes that she needs to do something with her life, and taking on a nanny/babysitting position for a precious little boy named Elliot seems like the perfect distraction. However, Ben can't get his mind off of Jo, and he's determined to get her back no matter what.

For the time being, Jo enjoys getting to know little Elliot, while at the same time putting Ben off. But, just as she tries to balance her new job with all that's going on in her own life, Elliot disappears without a trace. It's then that Jo remembers how terrified Elliot was of the creepy ice cream man named Willie. Looking back, Jo had always had an uneasy feeling about Willie, leading her to tell the police to check him out. Investigators don't seem to take her suspicions about the ice cream truck driver seriously, but Ben does. He's been keeping tabs on Jo and decides to help her investigate Willie for herself. The strange thing is -- Willie, the ice cream man, has also disappeared. Who is this man who has the whole town creeped out by him? And who really took Eliott and why?


Some who have already seen the movie say that it was slow-moving, but eventually picked up near the end. The clown angle gave the movie an edge that makes it different among many other horror flicks, many believed. Here are a couple of reviews, according to Amazon.

"Really enjoyed this movie. Yea it's a bit on the low buget side, but its not anywhere near some movies i rent that look like they were made with a cell phone camera! This is the perfect movie to lay down, relax in the dark after a long weeks work, grab some popcorn and enjoy! Many intense moments and enough suspense to keep me not only interested but on the edge of my seat at times!"
"I have never much cared for the slasher genre. I am more into the supernatural, but this movie surprised me. It had a very good story line and great acting. The end of the movie was great and it definitely left room for there to be a sequel. If they do come out with a sequel I will definitely be watching it."
"Florida offers a multitude of locations to fulfill production requirements for scripted locales. Florida's warm climate make it a great entertainment destination as well as a great location to shoot, including sunny summers and pleasantly mild winters."

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