Cliven Bundy Indicted, Denied Bail, Will Face Trial In Nevada, Meanwhile BLM Stumped On What To Do With His Cows

Don Crothers

Earlier this month, according to a report from Nano News, the FBI arrested rancher-turned-radical Cliven Bundy in Portland, Oregon.

As PBS reports, he was promptly indicted by a Federal grand jury in Nevada in 16 separate federal felonies for his armed standoff in 2014, including multiple charges of harming, threatening, and planning to harm federal officers, and multiple extortion charges.

The judge at his local detention hearing in Oregon unsurprisingly denied Bundy bail -- this is a man who faced down federal officers for over a month -- and indicated that he would be extradited to Nevada to face charges.

Bundy was arrested upon arrival at Portland International Airport, on his way to rally support for his sons in their own armed occupation.

In total, the charges are:

It's safe to say that, if convicted, none of these men is likely to ever see the outside of a federal prison again, and that's just the charges for the 2014 standoff.

While Cliven Bundy is held pending his trial, according to E&E News, his herd of roughly 1,000 head of cattle are still roaming the Mojave Desert, leaving destruction in their wake, trampling sensitive soils, devouring native vegetation, and damaging archaeological artifacts, not to mention trampling a community garden and a golf course, and even assaulting a Nevada wildlife official.

"It's like hunting cape buffalo. They're nasty, they're smart, and they won't hesitate to charge."

Meanwhile, all the BLM can do is "continue to cooperate with the Department of Justice on the on-going legal matter," and watch Bundy's cattle trample the region. Most contractors refuse to even consider the contract to help round up Bundy's herd, given the very real dangers of being shot or gored, not to mention that Bundy actively sent threats to the last contractor to consider it, in 2012.

"I will serve you and yours and company a constructive notice making you and anyone aiding or abetting with you accountable for all loss, damages, or expenses to my life, liberty, and property. RANGE WAR!"