Virginia Officer Killed On Her First Day Of Duty, Suspect's Name Released [Update]

It has been reported that a Virginia Police Officer, Ashley Guindon, was killed on her first day of duty after responding to a domestic dispute. Two other officers were critically wounded, although they are expected to survive.

Fox News reports that the Police Department of Prince William County responded to a call around 5:30 p.m. in Woodbridge, Virginia. Sgt. Jonathan Perok said that so far, it is unknown how the altercation started between the officers and the suspect, but the suspect was unharmed and is in custody.

Paul Ebery, a Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney, announced that so far, the suspect is not being identified, however, he has authorized a capital murder charge among other charges against him.

Fox News also mentions that a civilian woman was also killed during the dispute.

Fox 5 DC News stated the wounded officers were flown to Fairfax Hospital. Sunday morning, over 100 vehicles lined up along the roads to respectfully watch Guindon's body being taken to the medical examiner.

Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairmen told the Associated Press that a few years ago, Guindon was an county officer, however, she had left and just came back to the force. He was unsure of the exact date that she had left previously, however, she was just sworn back in on Friday.

[Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD]
Fallen Officer Ashley Guindon is pictured in the center. [Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD]Stewart reported that a woman was already dead upon police officers' arrival, however, the police have not confirmed. Stewart also said a child was present at the home, but was unharmed.

The shooting was in an area with nice, expensive suburban houses, two car garages, and manicured yards just a few miles from the county office building.


Ronald Hamilton, 32, from Woodbridge, Virginia, is being held in jail on murder charges and will be arraigned on Monday, according to ABC News.

Not only iHamilton kill Officer Guindon, he killed his wife, Crystal Hamilton, 29, as well.

Guindon was a 2005 high school graduate of Merrimack High School. It was released that she was a Marine Corps Reservist and also had forensic science master's degree.

Stephen Hudson, the Police Chief, said Guindon went through training a year ago with the department, but had to leave for personal reasons, upon which she just returned and the day of the shooting was her first day back on duty.

"We were struck by her passion to do this job. She did share with us when we rehired her that she felt like she wanted to do this job. She couldn't get it out of her blood."
[Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD]
[Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD]Hamilton is being held in the county detention center without bond. It was mentioned on ABC News by Cindy Your, a spokeswoman for Defense Information Systems Agency, that Hamilton was an Army staff sergeant assigned to the Pentagon's Joint Staff Support Center.

The child present at the home when the shooting occurred was Hamilton's 10-year-0ld son.

The Board of Directors Chairman, Corey Stewart, tells CNN that two other officers were shot during the dispute. One officer was still in critical condition, while the other officer was listed as stable.

The department, according to its website, has only had three officer deaths since 1970. The department's Facebook page shared photos of the wounded officers, as well.

This story is still developing and further information will be provided as it becomes available.

[Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD]
[Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD][Photo courtesy of Prince William County PD]