WWE News: Kurt Angle Wants To Reform Team Angle With NXT Tag Team

With his Total Nonstop Action (TNA) commitments fulfilled, professional wrestling legend Kurt Angle is keeping the door for a WWE return open and even has some potential ideas in mind.

According to All Wrestling News, Angle took part in a Q&A session at the London Film & Comic Con on Sunday. The 1996 Olympic gold medalist was asked about returning to the WWE, saying that he would have interest if it were on a “part-time basis.” He added that he would love to form a team with NXT superstars Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, who are competing as American Alpha.

The team would be a near carbon copy of the Team Angle stable that WWE debuted in late 2002. Angle, along with up-and-coming technical wrestling experts Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were a huge part in the buildup to Wrestlemania XIX. However, with Angle taking a break from WWE due to a neck injury after that event, Haas and Benjamin broke away from Team Angle and started wrestling as The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

[Image via WWE] [Image via WWE]Capturing the WWE Tag Team championships on two occasions, the team disbanded in early 2004 as Benjamin was drafted to RAW. Before both men were out of the WWE by 2010, they had reformed their tag team on numerous occasions, never finding the same success they enjoyed years prior.

Now, in WWE’s developmental system of NXT, Jordan and Gable have together to form one of the most popular acts in the promotion. Gable’s first major NXT storyline saw him pursuing Jordan as a potential tag team partner and it took him several months for them to make their team official.

Since they came together in mid-2015, Jordan and Gable have enjoyed success against some of NXT’s top tag teams. One of their highlights as a tag team was the Dusty Rhodes Invitational Tag Team tournament where they won two matches before being eliminated. The team has been praised for their in-ring abilities as a team and improvement on entertaining a crowd. In January of this year, the team began to perform under the name American Alpha.

[Image via WWE] [Image via WWE]If there is even the slightest chance of a such a team being formed, it would almost certainly have to be on WWE’s main roster. During an appearance on Ring Rust Radio in December 2015, Angle praised NXT and its product, but made it clear he is not interested in returning just work for the company’s developmental system.

“With all due respect, the talent on the NXT roster is phenomenal. They are doing something right down there as far as getting talent ready. I just don’t think it would be worth it for either side to have me go down there and work on NXT. Not saying I wouldn’t do it, but it is considered the WWE minor league. With that in mind, I think anybody would feel the same way about it.”

During the aforementioned Q&A, Angle also mentioned that doing such a team with American Alpha would allow him to have a prominent role on WWE television and not require him to wrestle all the time. In the process, he would be helping the team by elevating them by their on-screen association with a legend such as Angle. Finally, the 47-year-old Angle would only wrestle occasionally at WWE pay-per-views.

Angle has made it clear in the past that if he were to return to WWE. The Inquisitr reported a few years ago that Angle turned down a WWE return because the company wanted him back in a full-time capacity. A new Team Angle formation would be just one way to bring Angle back while not putting his health at risk.

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