Kim Kardashian Divorce From Kanye West May Be Coming After He Berates Her On Phone Repeatedly: Report

How much more can Kim Kardashian take before she files divorce papers against husband Kanye West? The 35-year-old reality TV star and frequent nude model has been fighting off intense rumors of a split from the 38-year-old rapper, as West’s increasingly eccentric public behavior has drawn an unwanted type of attention to the couple, and to Kim Kardashian, who has made a career out of tightly controlling her public image.

So, what could be causing conflict in the marriage between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Apparently, something has been igniting explosive fights in the marriage.

According to reports originating in the the New York Daily News this week, despite public proclamations of domestic bliss and denials of any impending divorce, Kanye West loudly berated his wife over the phone on at least two recent occasions when the rapper was in New York City, and second-time new mom Kardashian was apparently back in the Los Angeles area caring for her baby son Saint West, who will turn three months old on March 5.

Further details of the phone fights can be found in the Daily News video, below.

Kardashian, who, in the words of Forbes Magazine, has “monetized fame better than any other,” could see her reported $53 million fortune threatened by her husband’s bizarre outbursts and pie-in-the-sky creative projects. In fact, Kanye West recently announced that his ambitious business and artistic endeavors have landed him $53 million in debt.

I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome… This is my true heart…

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) February 14, 2016

By a remarkable coincidence, the amount of debt claimed by Kanye West is the exact same figure as his wife’s reported individual net worth — after Kim Kardashian shrewdly doubled her own bank account over the past year, thanks mainly to her iPhone game app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

According to a recent survey, conflicts over money are the third-leading cause of divorce in the United States, with 22 percent of all marriages that break up having arguments over money as the main cause of the split. Sexual infidelity is the second-most frequent cause, at 28 percent, with the largest number of divorce cases, 43 percent, attributed to “basic incompatibility.”

“Many couples lack the communication skills necessary to navigate financial disagreements in their marriage… The emotional connection of money with safety and security in many people makes the financial disagreements more salient than other disagreements.”

Was money, then, the cause of what were reported to be the telephone screaming matches?

Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West blog Hillary Clinton Kim Kardashian, seen here with presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has been adamant about controlling her own public image [Photo via Kim Kardashian Instagram]The answer remains unclear. What is known is that, according to a Daily News source, the couple got into “epic fights on the phone.” On one occasion, a cell phone screaming match got so out of control that it resulted in Kanye West, perhaps one of the most famous men in the country if not the world, wandering alone up New York City’s West Side Highway, hollering into his phone.

“He was in a screaming match with Kim at Jungle City Studio that got so loud, he had to take [it] outside.. He started walking up the West Side Highway for several blocks. He walked like 3-4 blocks before they sent a driver out to pick him up.”

Jungle City is a recently opened, high-end recording studio intended as a throwback to the recording studios of the 1960s and 1970s, before computer technology turned music recording into a DIY phenomenon. But the studios are perhaps best known for their stunning view of the New York City skyline.

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Kardashian recently attempted to put the divorce rumors to bed, posting the following photo of Kanye West on her own blog.

Kim Kardashian Divorce Kanye West blog [Photo via Kim Kardashian West blog]Rumors that Kim Kardashian had actually “announced” her divorce from Kanye West reached the cover of supermarket gossip publication InTouch last week, but were flatly denied and were not corroborated by any other media outlet, even another tabloid.

[Photo By Larry Busacca/Getty Images]