Problem For Trump? Mafia Connection The Reason For Tax Return Refusal? Ted Cruz Warns Of Tax Problems In Donald Trump Campaign

Problem For Trump? Mafia Connection The Reason For Tax Return Refusal? Ted Cruz Warns Of Tax Problems In Donald Trump Campaign

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz hinted at major problems for Donald Trump’s campaign when he implied that he could have a secret bombshell waiting in his tax returns. Trump has refused to release his tax returns to the public, and Cruz pointed out the fact that he is not cooperating is concerning. Ted Cruz implied the reason why he won’t release the documents could be he has direct ties to the mafia.

ABC News stated there’s no way to prove or disprove that Trump has any ties to the mob, or any other crime organization. The fact is, his (continued) refusal to disclose his reported income is concerning and tells the American people that Trump is hiding something about his income. Ted Cruz was correct in stating that there is much not known about Donald’s income sources. It’s not a secret that Donald Trump has some ties to the mafia. However, is it possible his tax returns could reveal he was more involved than originally believed?

Ted Cruz agreed with ABC News that the answer could be simple — it is possible that Trump has lied about how much money he makes and doesn’t want his supporters to know he exaggerated his income in order to fit in better with the Republican party. It’s not a secret that Trump has had his share of financial troubles in the past. Donald has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, only to recover, pay off debts, and rebuild his business. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Donald Trump has faced a cash-flow problem in the past few years.

The Hill reported that Cruz stated that voters have the right to know what is in Donald Trump’s tax returns. Ted went on to imply that Donald Trump was lying about being audited because his story keeps changing.

“Donald Trump said, ‘Gosh, I’m being audited — for two years.’ Then he said ‘three years.’ Then he said, ‘Maybe five years.’ “

Ted Cruz explained that if he is being audited, it is even more critical that Trump releases his tax returns. People have the right to know how he handles his business, and if his income lines up with what he has claimed so far in the bid for the White House. Mitt Romney jumped into the debate, stating that he believes there is a bombshell in the tax return that could end his campaign. Cruz said he isn’t convinced there is a (hidden) surprise disclosed on his tax return. However, Trump is hiding his taxes from his voters–and that is not right.

“Listen, if there’s a problem in his taxes, the voters have a right to know. Because come September, October, the general election, folks in the media are going to make a heyday about any problems in his taxes. And I think primary voters have a right to know.”

Donald Trump fired back on social media, claiming that Mitt Romney didn’t show his tax documents until September, just two months before the election. Apparently, after Romney released the documents, the media targeted him, and Trump claims he will release the documents after the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) completes his audit.

Donald explained that he funded his own campaign. Therefore, he can say whatever he sees fit, and doesn’t have to conform to what the lobbyist wants him to say or do. The only thing Ted Cruz wants from Donald Trump is for him to release his tax documents so the voters will know, once and for all, if Donald Trump was transparent with how much money he’s had earned in the past few years.

Donald Trump continues to defend his “right” not to provide the income tax documents, and did not address the rumors that his documents would prove his ties to the mafia. Could Donald’s refusal to cooperate and release his documents prove to be a problem for Trump? Check back with the Inquisitr for more Donald Trump news, predictions, and updates. Tell us what you think in the comments below, and let the Inquisitr know if you think Trump’s refusal to release his income tax documents will turn into a problem for his campaign.

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