Problem For Trump? Mafia Connection The Reason For Tax Return Refusal? Ted Cruz Warns Of Tax Problems In Donald Trump Campaign

Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz hinted at major problems for Donald Trump’s campaign when he implied that he could have a secret bombshell waiting in his tax returns. Trump has refused to release his tax returns to the public, and Cruz pointed out the fact that he is not cooperating is concerning. Ted Cruz implied the reason why he won’t release the documents could be he has direct ties to the mafia.

ABC News stated there’s no way to prove or disprove that Trump has any ties to the mob, or any other crime organization. The fact is, his (continued) refusal to disclose his reported income is concerning and tells the American people that Trump is hiding something about his income. Ted Cruz was correct in stating that there is much not known about Donald’s income sources. It’s not a secret that Donald Trump has some ties to the mafia. However, is it possible his tax returns could reveal he was more involved than originally believed?