Kendall Jenner Car Crash Video Shows ‘KUWTK’ Swarmed By Paparazzi After Jumping Away From Unmanned, Moving Car [VIDEO]

Kendall Jenner is very lucky to have avoided injury when a cab she was riding in almost ran her over. Kendall was on her way back to a Milan hotel after her Versace fashion show when it all went down. It’s unclear how the cab driver forgot to use his parking brake, but the car Kendall was riding in started to roll back as she exited from the back. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was able to jump out of the way before the cab crashed, but cameras never stopped rolling.

Video of Jenner’s car wreck was posted by TMZ, and in it, Kendall looks visibly shook as she tries to push through a crowd of paparazzi to get inside the hotel. When Kendall arrived at the hotel, her cab driver got out to open the door, but Kendall jumped out on her own. Although Kendall almost was hit by the passenger door as the car started to move, she was able to dodge the rolling car and stood shocked for a moment as the cab rolled backward before crashing into a post. Kendall stood stunned for a moment — she must have been in total disbelief of what she just saw. Kendall was seen on the video asking the cab driver if he was okay before taking off through a swarm of cameras. Paparazzi are so aggressive with Kendall that she has to remind them loudly that they are not allowed where she is.

It is still unknown if the driver of Kendall’s cab forgot to apply the emergency brake or if the brake failed to engage. Either way, the unplanned accident definitely interfered with Kendall’s timing, causing the paparazzi to swarm her and become even more of a nuisance. Kendall arrived at the hotel with friends and someone can be heard on the video trying to comfort her. It seems that the reality star-turned-model might want to employ some big guards instead. Maybe the camera would back off of Kendall and let her enter and exit a building without having to literally push through a crowd of cameras in order to rest after a long day’s work.

Kendall is in Milan for Milan Fashion Week, and reportedly walked in the Bottega Veneta show prior to her very memorable night. The 20-year-old KUWTK star is in high demand to work fashion shows all over the world now, and it’s safe to say that Kendall has proved that she is a great modeling talent and not just another reality star with a pretty face.

Jenner has not said anything on social media about the near-miss in Milan, and none of her family has commented either. Kris Jenner used her #ProudMama hashtag (the one that she wanted to trademark for those who keep up) to document just how proud she is that Kendall was walking in Milan Fashion Week. It looks like Kendall is walking the fashion shows without the support of her family this time around. Jenner has made it clear on numerous episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she doesn’t always want her family at the shows, cheering her on. Instead, Kendall prefers her independence and has worked hard to make a career for herself in modeling with as little help from her famous family as she could manage.

Kendall Jenner recently divulged that her least favorite part about modeling is when they ask her to bleach her eyebrows. We’re betting that getting hit by taxis in Europe while dodging swarms of paparazzi comes in at a very close second.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]