J.C. Penney Clarifies ‘One Penny’ Sale On February 28 — Future In-Store 1-Cent Sales Require No Additional Purchase

J.C. Penney has launched a one-penny “Get Your Penney’s Worth” sale that began on February 28, and caused plenty of excitement for J.C. Penney shoppers; plus, a bit of confusion as well, as reported by the Inquisitr.

As reported on the J.C. Penney Facebook page, the retailer clarified in a J.C. Penney press release issued earlier, which let J.C. Penney shoppers know that they could look forward to finding buy-one, get-one for a penny sale items in J.C. Penney stores and online at JCP.com. (Apparently the “buy-one” portion means buy one at regular price, not buy one for a penny and get one for a penny.) The retailer also stated that certain items would be for sale for just one penny with no need to buy anything else at the regular or sale price in order to get penny-priced items. J.C. Penney clarified, as written below, that those one-penny sale items would feature items for just a penny in the future, not just on February 28.

“To introduce shoppers to the quality and style associated with its private brands, JCPenney will host its first weeklong Penney Days event starting Feb. 28 in stores and at jcp.com. Customers will have the opportunity to buy a regular priced Arizona brand apparel or accessory item and purchase another Arizona apparel or accessory item for just one penny. Upcoming Penney Days will demonstrate the purchasing power of a penny by featuring unique in-store items for one cent with no additional purchase required, while supplies last.”

“The upcoming Penney days where items will be just a penny are in the future. Today is only our launch of the ‘Get your Penney’s worth’ campaign. Please stay tuned to our promotions and emails so you will be up to date when the dates for the penny items arrive in the future. This is an exciting time for our company and I hope you are just as excited. – Wyatt”

A search for “BUY 1 GET 1 FOR A PENNY” on the J.C. Penney website turns up 336 products as of this writing, but not all of them represent J.C. Penney’s “buy 1 get 1 for a penny” items. Items that do represent the “buy 1 get one for a penny” are products like this Arizona Fringe Vest, listed at $34 right now. Indeed, putting two of them in the shopping cart at JCPenney.com gives the shopper both vests for the price of one at $34, seemingly eschewing the penny charge.

The least expensive “buy one get one for a penny” item on the J.C. Penney website seems to be this Arizona Sleeveless Braided Armhole Muscle Tee, which lists for $20 as of this writing. Getting two of those muscle tees is like buying them for $10 each.

All in all, staying tuned to the J.C. Penney press releases and the J.C. Penney Facebook page, as well as the retailer’s Twitter account, is likely the best way to find out when the in-store penny sales will occur and more about the items that don’t require an additional purchase of a full-priced or sale item to get the penny deal. Those deals sound like a fun way to scour a J.C. Penney store with a cup of coffee in hand, searching for one-penny deals like a good treasure hunt. There doesn’t appear to be an automated way to request the J.C. Penney news releases in an email fashion, but those truly on the hunt for J. C. Penney news can always follow the retailer on Twitter and set up mobile notifications to alert them of upcoming news.

Indeed, it seems J.C. Penney’s innovative penny sales are a way to bring consumers into the stores or online to the retailer’s website.



[AP Photo/Mark Lennihan]