Gwen Stefani’s Heartbreak — Ex Gavin Rossdale Spotted On A Date With The Nanny That Broke Up Their Marriage

Despite being the source of his breakup with Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale has continued to maintain his relationship with Mindy Mann. While the two have been seen together in public before, Rossdale and Mann were recently spotted on a date in Los Angeles. With Rossdale still flaunting his relationship with Mann, how will his actions affect Stefani as she moves forward with her life?

An eyewitness revealed to Radar Online that Rossdale and Mann recently ventured out on the town to eat at the Fat Dog restaurant in Hollywood. Despite her new hair color, the couple was easily recognizable and appeared like a typical romantic pair.

“They definitely acted like a couple… They were eating off each other’s plates, leaning in, and laughing.”

The source added that Rossdale and Mann attempted to keep their presence a secret, despite their outward displays of affection. After all, the Fat Dog isn’t exactly a hotspot for celebrities.”It seemed like they were trying to stay under the radar, because this place is off the beaten path,” the source stated. “But they arrived and left together.”

As fans will recall, Stefani and Rossdale were married for 13 years before announcing their divorce this past summer. The couple had three children together during their long-standing marriage, including Kingston (9), Zuma (6), and Apollo (2).

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty] Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale [Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]The main reason why they decided to break up directly involved Mann. In fact, over the course of three years, Rossdale was having an affair with Mann, who also happened to work for Stefani as her children’s nanny. Once Gwen Stefani found out about her husband’s cheating ways — which she discovered via text messages between Rossdale and Mann — she filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, it isn’t clear how Rossdale’s recent actions will impact Stefani’s future dealings with her ex-husband, especially those involving her children. Stefani is currently enjoying a steamy romance of her own with Blake Shelton, which might result in some major changes in the singer’s life. Considering Rossdale’s continued relationship with Mann, will Stefani move to Oklahoma to live with Shelton?

The main concern with a potential move is the custody rights Stefani shares with Rossdale. However, Radar Online is reporting that there is nothing in the fine print of their divorce that would prevent Stefani from taking her children away to Shelton’s hometown.

“There is no clause in Gavin and Gwen’s divorce settlement stating that both parties have to remain living in Los Angeles until their youngest son turns eighteen… They share joint custody of the kids, but there would be nothing stopping Gwen from moving to Oklahoma to be with Blake.”

Gwen Stefani Moved On From Ex With Blake Shelton Things are going great for Gwen and Blake [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]While Stefani is in the clear on what she wants to do with her children, the source added that she is not planning on making any big moves in the near future. For the most part, Stefani doesn’t want to take her children too far away from their father, who remains a strong figure in their lives.

“However, there are no current plans for Gwen to move and she would never take the boys away from their dad. Gavin and Blake are happily spending time together in Los Angeles… They travel back to Oklahoma, but their base will continue to be Los Angeles.”

That being said, Stefani’s children were not spotted with Rossdale during his latest outing with Mann. Given Mann’s past dealings with her children, there is no doubt that Stefani will be hesitant in leaving her kids in her care.

At the same time, Shelton is establishing a great relationship with Stefani’s children. In fact, the country star is apparently great with kids in more ways than one. “Blake absolutely loves the boys, and plays football, soccer and other games,” the insider added. “Blake gets down and dirty with the boys and they love it.”

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[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty]