Farrah Abraham Says Daughter Is A 'Star': Claims 'Teen Mom' Was A Success Because Sophia's Dad Died [Video]

Farrah Abraham recently revealed on her celebrity podcast, Farrah & Friends, that her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, is going to be "a star" after the child feuded with Nicki Minaj over Twitter. The scuffle between Abraham and Minaj has reached epic proportions, and Sophia's tweet exchange with the rapper is just the latest battle in an ongoing war.

In the podcast, Farrah tells listeners that "Sophia... is kind of taking over the world," adding that the 7-year-old "had her first Twitter fight with Nicki Minaj." Abraham also said that the child is "like, hosting New York Fashion Week this weekend." Although the little girl was initially supposed to walk the runway for Bound by the Crown children's clothing, Farrah Abraham's daughter missed too many rehearsals, and was pulled from the show. She did participate in photo shoots for the brand, however, reports Design & Trend.

The feud between Farrah and Nicki began when Minaj tweeted some not-so-nice things about Abraham after watching an episode of Teen Mom OG in which Farrah makes her mother cry. The tweet was heard 'round the world, instigating a nasty back and forth between Farrah and Nicki.

Things got really ugly, though, when Abraham dragged her daughter into the fight, a move for which Abraham has been widely criticized. In a video response to Minaj, Sophia can be heard calling Minaj a "loser," although some speculate that the child was prompted. In a different video, Sophia can be heard saying she "loves" Nicki Minaj.

Revealing on Farrah & Friends that she's "proud" of her daughter for firing Twitter shots at the rapper, Farrah concluded her praise by telling listeners that her daughter "has her Instagram. She's blowing up everywhere. She's going to be a star."

The fight with Nicki Minaj is not the only celebrity feud Farrah has been involved in. The reality star turned adult film actress has also feuded with Kendall Jenner as well as Khloe Kardashian, after Jenner said she did not agree with some of Abraham's life choices. Abraham was quick to point out that the Kardashian family only became famous after Kim Kardashian released a sex tape.

The Teen Mom alum also recently feuded with MTV producers, reports People, claiming she will never work with Teen Mom producers again. Abraham wanted to take part in another reality series about "about struggles with my mother." MTV quickly shut the opportunity down, however, telling Abraham that starring in another show was a breach of contract.

Farrah reportedly went on a rampage, telling producers they were "white trash," claiming the only reason the show was successful is because of her. In her rant, Abraham told MTV producers that "Sophia's dad died, that's what got your s*** picked up," while the producers informed Farrah that it is only because of MTV that the Back Door Teen Mom star is famous. Sophia's dad, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident when Farrah was eight months pregnant.

"We walked in the door when you were in a cheerleading outfit. This gave you your start," the producers told a screaming and crying Abraham. In response, Farrah hurled insults at one producer, telling him he's a "[s]on of a bitch," and ordering him to "get the f*** away from me," shoving the producer out of the way before claiming she will "never work with you guys again."

Farrah was recently involved with the Teen Mom OG reunion special, where she relived some painful past moments, tearfully recounting some past child abuse with Dr. Drew. The adult film star also discussed having been exploited by her father after her sex tape was released.

In the episode, viewers learn that Farrah's father, Michael, regrets hurting Farrah over the sex tape. In a clip, Michael can be heard telling Dr. Drew "[w]hen you get involved with the wrong management company, I'll just say, they ask you, they tell you to do certain things." The father also adds that "in retrospect, I would've never gone and done that."

What do you think? Should Farrah Abraham have dragged Sophia into her Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]