Harry Styles’ Twitter Love, Taylor Swift Taunt, And Louis Tomlinson Back-And-Forth Has Won Him An Award

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Harry Styles has been named The Most Inspirational Tweeter of 2016 in a Sugarscape poll. The curly-haired One Direction star has definitely had a big year on the platform, sending Twitter-based Directioners into a frenzy when he tweeted a lyric from ex Taylor Swift’s song “22,” as reported by E Online, and sparking a war between a photojournalist and a flock of furious fans when he posted one of the man’s pictures without crediting him, as reported by J-14.

Lovely Harry regularly signs off with “All the love,” and has lately been fond of sending cryptic tweets quoting lines from songs and television shows. Harry’s tweet “Preaching to the convinced” was a reference to a line from Twin Peaks in which two characters talk about how great the weather is in the American West.

Why did Harry post it, though? That remains a mystery. Perhaps Harry enjoyed the beach on his last summer trip to L.A. and wanted to express his appreciation in a cryptic sort of way.

Speaking of the beach, another one of Harry’s recent tweets was a G-rated take on a Kendrick Lamar lyric. Some people thought it might be a little dig at Harry’s on/off girlfriend Kendall Jenner, with whom he was bickering at the time.

It gets juicier. Apparently One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson inspired Harry to take a twitter dig at his ex Taylor Swift on his own 22nd birthday by tweeting a lyric from the Swift song “22,” according to Hollywood Life.

“Friends and family have been joking with him about getting older and it was Louis [Tomlinson] actually who brought up the [Taylor Swift] reference and Harry thought it was hilarious and thought that he would have some fun with it. So he did the tweet. His intentions were in no way to get Taylor, Calvin [Harris] or anyone else upset! He just thought it was hysterical,”

It’s not all about fluff, girls and parties on Harry’s twitter. Far from it! The curly-haired heartthrob took time to send his love to Jakarta following the devastating terror attack that took place there earlier this year.

The hottie also sent his love to Istanbul after a bomb exploded in the heart of the city in the middle of January, killing ten Germans.

Fans have their own favorite Twitter offerings by inspirational sage Harry Styles. One girl was a fan of Harry’s handbag branch tweet.

What on earth could this one mean? Perhaps Harry was remembering the times as a young boy that he dipped into mum Anne Twist’s handbag looking for coins, effectively using her purse as his “[bank] branch” or ATM.

People seem to like cryptic Harry. One fan was very excited when he posted a tweet about apple trees.

This one is either a fragment from an Elvis Presley song, or a new take on the saying “The apple never falls far from the tree,” which is about how your parents have a big influence on shaping the person you become.

Maybe Harry is becoming a man, maturing very quickly, and breaking away from the influence of his dad Des Styles. Does Harry consider his vast experience and international jet-setting to be like a “shake of the apple tree” that separated him from his parents?

Other Harry Styles lovers are all about the music. Some fans could not go past the time Harry posted a link to the Made In The A.M. highlight “What A Feeling.”

People got significant feels from a tweet Harry sent back in 2014 announcing the opening of the beloved On The Road Again tour.

Others had a soft spot for Harry’s alleged response to Perez Hilton complaining that Directioners were harassing him. Harry apparently stood up for fans and called them his “baby girls”! The tweet is now deleted but a screenshot, said to be unphotoshopped, remains.

Other people’s favorite Harry tweets were definitely works of imagination. One fan created her own favorite Harry Styles tweet: a response to the Louis Tomlinson “always in my heart” tweet beloved by Larries.

Is Harry Styles an inspirational tweeter?

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