Trevor Noah Rips On Marco Rubio And Ted Cruz As He Is Praised By Chicago Critic

On Thursday evening, Trevor Noah ripped apart Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for fighting over Trump. Mediaite has the news.

“On The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah took Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to task for their weird behavior following their respective Nevada defeats, which included Rubio hitting the sack early without learning the results, and Cruz boasting that history was on his and Trump’s side.”

The article adds that Donald Trump wasn’t spared either, though, as Noah slammed him for the literally juvenile way he danced on his opponents’ graves. Meanwhile, Trevor Noah may be having trouble attracting viewers, but he has no problem expressing his true feelings about issues, whether they are politically correct or not. Trevor Noah recently talked to NPR about growing up under apartheid with a white father and black mother.

Trevor Noah 'The Daily Show' Growing up during Apartheid in South Africa shaped Trevor Noah’s comedy. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]Noah said that both white people and black people would express fear and biases to him. Noah also said that he would have to explain to them that they shouldn’t hold on to those biases and that they are holding these views because they are generalizing everybody.

Trevor added that his experience growing up enables him to see both sides of any issue, which has helped him create political satire on The Daily Show. “I’ve understood multiple experiences simultaneously. That’s something I’ve always done and I continue to do till this day. I try and see the perspective of the other side,” Noah says.

At least, Noah earned a critic in his favor this week. Chicago Tribune critic Steve Johnson said we need to give Trevor Noah a chance with The Daily Show.

“You can understand why Comedy Central went with Noah. At 32, he is a full generation younger than Stewart, 53, and he has most of a generation on Bee, 46. But while he has had some growing pains as a host, including being able to read copy cleanly, the show remains one of the most sharply written you will find.”

Trevor Noah Daily Show Trevor Noah has been gaining liberal watchers by bashing conservatives. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]Johnson added that Noah was very keen on using his outsider status to analyze the American presidential race. He liked when Noah drew comparisons between Trump and some cruel African dictators. Johnson also mentioned that while Noah doesn’t hold up in comparison to Jon Stewart, he is at least keeping it funny as he seems to be improving as a host.

Some of the commenters after the article certainly don’t agree with the author’s premise.

“I tried to watch the Daily Show post-Stewart, and I just couldn’t do it. There is nothing inherently wrong with Trevor Noah, but Jon Stewart is just so indelibly ingrained in my mind as the Daily Show host that it felt wrong. That said, I just love Last Week Tonight and the Nightly Show, so those are good replacements,” claims Streips.

The reaction to Trevor Noah this week has been seemingly positive on Twitter.


Trevor Noah still continues to do stand-up on his days off from The Daily Show. With Super Tuesday ahead, Noah’s show should have some very interesting episodes this week.

[Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images]