Kendall Jenner Narrowly Avoids Injury In Scary Car Crash, Says Caitlyn Is ‘Lucky’ To Have Accepting Family [Video]

Kendall Jenner avoided injury by leaping out of the way of a runaway vehicle — her own! Jenner was in Milan to walk in several shows, and after a successful show with Versace, Jenner narrowly escaped a trip to the hospital after her driver forgot to put the brake on in her car before opening the back door to let her out.

The vehicle then started to roll downhill as Kendall exited it to go to her Milan hotel, almost banging into the model, who leaped out of the way at the very last second. Luckily, Kendall was able to avoid the vehicle before it hit her full on, and got only a slight bump on her leg as the open door hit her.

Unfortunately, the car did not avoid damage. Since it was out of control, it rolled back and into a post, and the crash created a dent in the rear bumper of the luxury vehicle. According to the Daily Mail, Kendall was visibly shaken by the incident, although unharmed.

After narrowly avoiding danger, Jenner rushed to her friends and into the hotel to relax. The supermodel was wearing high-heeled boots that stopped just above the knee, making her escape that much more incredible. Kendall also wore black skinny jeans, a black crop top, and a brown faux fur coat, and wore sunglasses.

Kendall is not the only Jenner that’s gotten lucky. According to Kendall herself, Caitlyn is lucky that her family has been so non-judgmental. In a teaser clip for season two of I Am Cait, Kendall tells Caitlyn that Jenner is “lucky” to have such an accepting family.

In the clip, Caitlyn admits that the transition has been difficult for Kendall and Kylie the most. Jenner reveals that “[a]ll my kids, but especially Kendall and Kylie – having to deal with a father transitioning, it’s very, very difficult process with all this history you have in your life.”

In response, Kendall tells Jenner that “you got pretty lucky,” adding that the Jenner family is “all pretty open, accepting, non-judgmental people.” Caitlyn’s friend, Chandi Moore, also appears in the clip, agreeing that “this has not been the easiest thing for you guys to wrap your heads around,” but tells Kendall, Kylie, and their sisters that “you guys are being real troopers about it.”

Moore adds that “[w]e appreciate the love you give Cait and our full community. Because we need it.”

Caitlyn Jenner recently signed a lucrative deal to collaborate with MAC cosmetics to produce a lipstick called Finally Free, reports the Mirror. The deal with MAC is a landmark collaboration, since 100 percent of the profits from sales will go to the MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative, an organization founded by MAC to support transgender communities.

In addition to Jenner, celebrities such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Pamela Anderson have also released their own signature lipsticks with the makeup company.

Kendall Jenner recently signed a deal with Calvin Klein to be the new face of the clothing giant. In a promotional commercial for the brand, Kendall, who recently broke up with One Direction rocker Harry Styles, is asked “[w]hat makes a strong man?” The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star then responds that, to her, a strong man is “someone who’s very nice to a woman and like treats her right.”

Jenner then adds that a strong woman “is independent, don’t need no man, can like walk into a room by herself and not be bothered and can go anywhere by herself an not need a million people around her.”

What do you think? Does Kendall Jenner have the right definition of a strong man? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]